NFL Playoffs: Philadelphia Eagles Matchups

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With the 2022 NFL regular season approaching its conclusion, it’s time to start looking at possible playoff scenarios for those that appear to be headed toward the Postseason. Bet Rivers in NJ currently offer special promos for the last games. Perhaps no team has done a better job setting themselves up for more football than the Philadelphia Eagles. With a playoff spot all but a lock, Philly fans are already looking at the most likely Eagles playoff scenarios.

First Matchup

Currently, the Eagles hold a 2-game lead over the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys for the top seed in the NFC. However, the Eagles currently hold the tiebreaker over both NFC rivals. With 4 games left in the regular season, there is a very strong possibility that the Eagles will clinch the coveted first-round bye.

The first likely Eagles playoff opponent will come as the lowest remaining team that reaches the second round. Currently, the teams that are currently holding the bottom wild card spots as well as the lowest ranked division leader are the New York Giants, Washington Commanders, Seattle Seahawks, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, reported US bookies.

Giants and Commanders

The first two likely Eagles playoff opponents are teams that the Eagles know very well. As fellow NFC East opponents, the Eagles have two games remaining against the Giants while splitting the season series against the Commanders. While both teams could prove bothersome, the Eagles should be able to handle both.

Seattle Seahawks

When the Seahawks sent Russell Wilson to Denver, most predicted the Seahawks to start rebuilding. Instead, Geno Smith looks like a top-tier quarterback while Seattle is headed toward an NFC playoff spot.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last year, Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers blew out the Eagles in the first round of the playoffs. However, things have quickly cooled off in Florida. Bruce Arians moved to the front office, Ali Marpet retired, and half of the Bucs’ offense has gone down with an injury.

NFC Championship Game

If the Eagles can get past their first matchup, they’ll head to their first NFC Championship game since 2018. They could theoretically face one of the previously mentioned teams. However, these are the most likely potential Eagles playoff opponents to reach the Super Bowl.

Dallas Cowboys

There is perhaps no greater rival for the Philadelphia Eagles than the Dallas Cowboys, and the rivalry doesn’t stop on the field of play. Fans of each franchise despise one another, and nothing would thrill either organization more than beating their rival for a chance to head to the Super Bowl.

Minnesota Vikings

As a potential Eagles playoff opponent, perhaps no team would be a better omen than the Minnesota Vikings. On their Super Bowl run, the Eagles dominated the Vikings in the NFC Championship game and dominated them again in Week 2 this season.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have been one of the weirdest teams in football this season. Despite losing Trey Lance, Jimmy Garoppolo, and now Deebo Samuel, the team keeps finding ways to win. In his debut as a starter, Brock Purdy dominated Tom Brady and Tampa Bay and kept the 49ers winning.

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