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Argentina vs France World Cup Controversy: World Cup Final Not Yet Over?

It’s been more than a week since Lionel Messi and Argentina lifted the World Cup trophy but there has been a new movement, a new wave sweeping through France and it now appears one of the greatest matches in the history of the World Cup may be revisited, or not? Let’s explore the most recent World Cup controversy!

World Cup Controversy

While it was Messi"s night at the Lusail Iconic Stadium, Les Bleus, Frenchmen and women felt they were robbed and La Albiceste"s win wasn"t clean and convincing, leading some to claim a World Cup controversy. And the French have now resorted to a petition calling for the final to be replayed, one which has reached almost 200,000 signatures.

One major stance of the French proponents who have argued this out is the belief that Argentina"s third goal and Messi"s second shouldn"t have stood.

Footages have emerged showing that seconds before Messi"s strike went into Hugo Lloris net, two La Albiceste players could be seen crossing over onto the pitch, a situation disallowed by FIFA rules and should utimately have made the referee cancel the goal.

FIFA Rule Impacting this World Cup Controversy

“If, after a goal is scored, the referee becomes aware before play resumes that an additional person was on the pitch at the time the goal was scored: the referee must disallow the goal if the extra person was: a player, substitute, substituted player, sent off player or official of the team who scored the goal; play must be restarted with a direct free kick from the place where the extra person was."

There have also been counter arguments stating that as long as the substitutes didn"t interfere with the course of play, then the Messi goal remains valid.

Szymon Marciniak"s defence

Marciniak on Sunday, became the first ever Pole to overseer the final of a World Cup tournament. And there have been some criticisms of his style of overseering the match and his ‘controversial" calls. While Marciniak was praised by others for his handling of the game, The French media were highly disappointed in the 41-year old, awarding him a 2/10 rating for his performance, according to L"Equipe .French journalist, Vincent Duluc, reacted to the penalty awarded for Dembele"s ‘foul" on Di Maria, saying it was too soft.

The 60-year old also mentioned Martinez"s mind games, throwing the ball away from Tchouaméni when he was about to take his penalty, which he eventually missed, amongst others.

But the 41-year old has now replied the complaints from France as regards the third goal.

Marciniak reacted saying that while the French complained about Messi"s extra-time goal, France should also have had a goal cancelled as seven Les Bleus players could be seen on the pitch as at the time Mbappe"s extra-time penalty went in.

A handball situation for France

It appears that"s not the only case were Les Bleus ran off with something they should have been called back for. Before Mbappe converted the penalty that forced the game to extra time, something interesting happened. The penalty was awarded as a result of Gonzalo Montiel blocking Mbappe"s shot with his hand but in the build to this sequence of events, few seconds after Kingsley Coman took the corner kick that resulted in the penalty, Dayot Upamecano also handled the ball with his hand, which under normal circumstances should have resulted in an Argentine free kick.

Di Maria Penalty situation:

Another popular stance of those who have argued in France"s favour stems from the penalty Marciniak awarded in the first half of play when Di Maria happened to go down in France"s box under very minimal pressure from Ousmane Dembele. The touch may have been just too soft to award a penalty, the slightest of contacts.

Stopping a counter-attacking opportunity

Just at the end of the second half, in what happened to be a good counter attacking opportunity for France, Kingsley Coman was taken down by Marcos Acuna as Les Bleus launched with energy. Mbappe received Coman"s pass on the right wing and even though there probably should have been an advantage, just as Mbappe was about to stride away, Marciniak called back the foul on Coman, booking Acuna and nullifying France"s attack in the process

What"s your opinion on this World Cup controversy? Do you think the arguments are true or pointless?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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Glinex Benitez
269 days ago
I believe they should repeat the World Cup I believe Dmaria act and falls on purpose my team is Brazil but I watched Argentina and France I believe France deserve to repeat the game
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