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Bellator vs. Rizin Cross-Promotion for the Ages

Former Strikeforce lightweight champion and now Bellator analyst Josh Thompson called out for MMA media to do better.

Some may have looked at this call out to MMA media as disrespectful, with some popular MMA personalities firing back at the video. To be fair, Thompson is right in a way as lately, it seems that if it is not UFC-related it is either not worth reporting or it gets swept under the MMA rug. Granted, some promotions and promoters need to be and do better to promote their events, not just for the fans and to gain cash revenue but for the fighters who make their promotions great. Many journalists salivate to help promote these great events if given a chance.

Get Hyped for Bellator vs. Rizin

One event that should be more hyped up than it is, is Bellator vs. Rizin. There seems to be no bad blood between the two companies, just passionate competition. That might be why many have not given the event the attention it so rightfully deserves. The stacked card that has become Bellator vs. Rizin is a huge deal as cross-promotion in mixed martial arts is rare, but also it is an amazing way to ring in the new year for any MMA fan. 

Bellator and Rizin have always had a great working relationship with one another and putting on this once-in-a-lifetime fight card inside the legendary Saitama Super Arena (which hosted many Pride FC events in the past) could give the fans so much nostalgia when they tune in for the New Year’s Eve card. 

The main event that will cap off this amazing card stands out and the more fight fans think about this one, they can determine that this is something special we will witness. Former Bellator Featherweight champ AJ McKee has been tasked with taking on the submission beast, Rizin’s Roberto de Souza, who has an impressive 14W-1L-0D record. de Souza is looking to show the world exactly who he is as the Rizin fans have grown accustomed to; a winner on a five-fight win streak. Stylistically, this is a dream matchup for any fight fan as AJ McKee and Roberto de Souza will look to showcase why they are the best their company has to offer if they can secure a win in a spectacular fashion. 

Kyoji Horiguchi is Team Bellator

It looks like Kyoji Horiguchi has decided to join Scott Coker’s team and represent Team Bellator, taking on 25W-6L-2D Hiromasa Ougikubo. It is somewhat shocking that Horiguchi wouldn’t wave the Rizin banner against Bellator as his record within the Rizin company is eleven wins with one loss, spanning from 2017-2022.

Many of the Rizin stars might be unknown to some fans unless you religiously follow the great company, but the matchmakers were serious when they came up with who would be pitted against one another at Bellator vs. Rizin. That is why these cross-promotion fight cards are something more than a spectacle. The exposure that unknown fighters get is huge and could bring in viewers for both Bellator and Rizin.

If this classic cross-promotion fight card wasn’t enough to get you hyped, there are amazing fight posters that have been released for any fan that gets excited about MMA promotional pieces like these. 

A Fight Card on New Year’s Eve – Good or Bad Idea?

Now, an event taking place on New Year’s Eve with much of North America partaking in their parties and family get-togethers could lose potential viewers with the event being tape delayed. If this event is a financial success, hopefully, fight fans will be lucky enough to have this be a yearly fight card and maybe we could even see a trophy created for the winning company to put on display at each of their live events until the next yearly Bellator vs. Rizin event.

Which fight excites you most from this Bellator MMA vs. Rizin cross-promotion event? Let us know in the comments below.

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