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Shohei Ohtani Contract Set to Make Millions

Shohei Ohtani is arguably the best player in the MLB. His ability to be a top pitcher and hitter in today’s game makes him unique to today’s game. We have seen him in an Angels uniform for the past six seasons and have yet to see him in a playoff series. He is in his contract year and his new contract can be the highest we have ever seen. If the money being handed out this offseason is any indication, the Ohtani contract will be very expansive.

Looking at this Year’s Contracts

When predicting an Ohtani contract, first one needs to look at this year’s free agency. So far, it has been a wild one with money being spent aggressively around the league. It all started with Aaron Judge getting a massive contract with the Yankees worth 360 million dollars over nine years. The Mets have made multiple moves including signing Carlos Correa for 350 million dollars and Justin Verlander getting 43 million dollars over the next two years. With even more deals to top-end talent getting millions of dollars this offseason. However, this does not compare to Shohei Ohtani because of his ability to be a great pitcher and batter.

Looking at this money being spent this offseason, the Shohei Ohtani contract should be a big payday after this season. He currently has a one-year 30 million dollar contract this season and will definitely look at getting a long-term deal in place. He has the possibility to be the first player to be earning 50 million dollars a year. According to Jon Heyman Ohtani is seeking a 500-million-dollar contract that could be over ten years.

What Are Some of the Options This Year?

The Angels have control of Ohtani for this year, but the Angels can do a lot with the rest of the offseason and going into next season. The first option is for the Angels to keep Ohtani throughout this year and try and retain him next offseason. This is a very viable option for both sides because Ohtani wants to stay on the west coast with the team that signed him from Japan. The biggest thing for this is getting this team relative and into the playoffs. With a new owner on the horizon, it is possible that they can become a playoff contender faster than we think.

The second option is for the Angels to trade him at some point this year. Big markets across the league are in an arms race to have the most talent possible. Teams like the Mets, Dodgers, Giants, Mariners, Yankees, Red Sox and Phillies are always on the table to make a big splash trade during the season. This would be a great way for the Angels to get younger by getting a king’s ransom in young talent to help jump-start this team.

Where Can he Sign?

Let"s say the Angels keep throughout this season and Shohei Ohtani is looking for a new home next offseason. There are a few owners that will be willing to spend that type of money which includes the New York Mets. If Steve Cohen has proved anything this offseason, he will spend way over the luxury tax to make his team the best. Could the Mets add an Ohtani contract? It would bring Ohtani to a star-studded lineup already and would push the Mets over the top.

Another team that has positioned itself to make a run at Ohtani is the Los Angeles Dodgers. They have eased their spending to try to get under the luxury tax to fit a player worth 50 million dollars a year. He would be a fit with the Dodgers because he would fit in nicely into the starting rotation and would give the Dodgers the offensive firepower needed to be on the next level. The Shohei Ohtani contract year is going to be a fun one with twists and turns that could lead to another amazing offseason.

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