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Adrien Broner Revels in Big Money, Easy-Work BLK Prime Deal

When Adrien Broner signed a three-fight deal with boxing upstart BLK Prime, worth reportedly $10 million, eyebrows were raised. When his first fight under the deal– against Ivan Redkach on February 25– was announced as a pay-per-view event, raised eyebrows shot off heads like stretched-out rubber bands.

But the 4-division world champ from Cincinnati has always been an opportunist when it comes to paydays and is ecstatic at having stumbled into this latest deal with what could only be described as the ultimate money mark.

"The type of contract that I got, man, they ain’t giving out nowadays in this sport of boxing," Broner recently proclaimed on The Porter Way Podcast. "These guys is taking these tough-a** fights, getting that small-a** money and they [BLK Prime] done gave me [big money]—man, I’m just blessed. I’m just blessed, and I’m thankful and I’m ready to put on a show."

"Just think, right, you get a guy—no disrespect to Al [Haymon] Or PBC and [Showtime Sports Pres. Stephen] Espinoza and them," Broner added. "But they, like, ‘aight, the type of money you want, you gotta go in there and fight Godzilla. But we gon’ pay you. But you gotta go fight Godzilla.’ Then you got a guy [BLK Prime], like, ‘aight we’ll pay you triple that and you can pick whoever the f**k you want to fight.’

"What? What? That’s unheard of."

"There’s more," Broner continued. "See this is what people don’t know. So, this what people don’t see. And you get 40% of your pay-per-view buys. What? What? Unheard of. And then another thing is not only do you get 40% but you get 40% on that Monday. Not no six months, we gotta wait until the numbers come in. Not no eight, not no year. Monday."

That certainly sounds like a sweetheart of a deal for a fighter who was all but out of boxing, nearly two years inactive, and reportedly strapped for cash. Actually, the deal sounds too good to be true.

When asked about BLK Prime’s long-term financial viability with their big spending and, apparently, limited quality control, Broner’s matter-of-fact response was totally in character.

"It ain’t my problem," Broner said. "As long as I do my job everything gon’ be good."

Since signing his lucrative deal, Broner has been making headlines all over the place with his unique gift for gab and the frustrating lack of self-awareness that has made him one of the most successful boxing bad guys of his era. It’s this ability to generate heat that has earned him several second chances after poor ring showings and, which, has now brought him this big BLK Prime deal.

"I’m not just one of the elite, I’m one of the greats of all times. When I’m done, I’ll be in them books forever, man," Broner said on The Last Stand Podcast.

"I’ve done some [things] that not too many people have done in this sport. And I’m going to do more in this sport, so keep watching.

"I’ll be champion again because I know what it takes. I know how to go that extra step. I know how to buckle down and get focused and lock in. I haven’t only did it once. I’ve done it four times. Like I said before, just keep watching, and next year will be a big year.

Broner has basically said those same words many, many times over the course of a career that started with great promise and has fizzled into nothingness. At this point, the vow that "this time I’m serious" is more associated with him than his preferred "About Billions" persona.

But, for better or worse, Adrien Broner is getting yet another second chance and will be making a killing for a fight that would be just an "alright" undercard Showtime bout. The question is how long BLK Prime will be willing to pay big money for fights nobody in their right mind would actually buy.

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