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A Redemption Story: Why Not Will Brooks?

As the holiday season once again comes to an end and we embark onward to what the year 2023 will bring us, one man who hopes that Santa has a gift left to give is “Ill” Will Brooks. Brooks has taken to his social media and has reached out to the UFC for one more run with the company.

Since leaving the UFC, Will Brooks has racked up a 6W-1L-1D record and is currently on a four-fight win streak.

Fight fans might need to strap into a time machine to remember how Brooks became such a dominant player in the lightweight division.

The year was 2014 and it seemed that the Bellator lightweight division revolved around Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez after their entertaining fights at Bellator 58 and Bellator 106. Chandler seemed to be destined to be the next Bellator lightweight champion as his rival Alvarez left Bellator en-route to the UFC, leaving the lightweight title vacant and not getting the trilogy fight many fans were salivating for.

Shock The World Champion

The MMA world thought on May 17, 2014, that Chandler was going to run through Brooks for the interim Bellator lightweight title.  Some felt Brooks was being served up on a platter to the man who should champion the Bellator lightweight division. What happened was something so spectacular that when you look at it and completely dissect the fight, it makes this sport of Mixed Martial Arts so beautiful.

Brooks captured Bellator gold going to the judges and on paper, he won, but many didn’t agree with his split decision victory at Bellator 120. The company decided to run it back at Bellator 131 six months later where Will Brooks fought against Michael Chandler for a second time, leaving no doubt that he was the true division champ with a fourth-round knockout.

Brooks happened to vacate the title on May 14, 2016, when he left the company for the UFC as it seemed like the lightweight division in Bellator was left stagnant after his title defenses against Dave Jansen and Marcin Held.

The future seemed bright for Brooks once he signed with the UFC, and many felt that he could have a deep run within the promotion but unfortunately, he couldn’t seem to get a good run going as he went one and three with all three losses being finishes – ultimately giving the company a reason to cut the guy who Bellator championed as their lightweight king.

Why Not Will Brooks?

Brooks has been through the ups and downs in MMA but still has a positive attitude and it shows with recently being on Din Thomas podcast. Brooks made an amazing case on why he should get an opportunity to be re-signed to the UFC.

His reasoning is on point as the UFC lightweight scene has become a division where familiar faces have become the norm and might lose the interest of the fans.

Will Brooks is right, and the UFC lightweight division might need a story – and why not the redemption story? Who doesn’t love a redemption story? Maybe one of the exciting match ups for Brooks at lightweight could have him avenge one of those previous losses against Charles Oliveira and who knows, maybe Brooks can shock the MMA world and get a shot at the world title and be champion once again.

MMA fans, do you feel Will Brooks has done enough to get another shot at being on the UFC roster again? Let us know in the comments below.

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