Bradley Slams “Piece of S***” Tank Davis, Hopes Ryan Garcia Knocks Him Out

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Former two-division world champ and analyst for ESPN, Timothy Bradley, spared no words and pulled no punches when recently asked about lightweight champ Gervonta “Tank” Davis and his hopes for the outcome if Davis faces Ryan Garcia as planned April 15.

“[Advisor Al] Haymon and Mayweather Promotions, they done a great job with building him [Davis], a great job building the brand,” Bradley told FightHubTV. “OK. You got the brand now. The kid is a star. The kid sells out arenas. Now, it’s time to give him his career. The Hall of Fame career…That’s what Tank should be thinking about. Wanting to be remembered for the rest of his career. I mean, the money is great and all, but, man, get in there and fight somebody, bro…Fight somebody that we all know, someone who we don’t know is going to win the fight. Take that risk. Because, yes, you are known, everybody knows you, the brand is built. But can we get the fights now that people want to see?”

When asked about the proposed upcoming bout with Ryan Garcia, the recent Hall of Fame inductee was even more blunt. The retired former champ will be rooting for Garcia and hoping on a stoppage victory.

“I’m rooting for him,” Bradley said. “I want him to win because I’m not a fan of Tank. I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a fan of him. I’m not a fan of what he does and how he operates outside the ring. I want Ryan Garcia to knock his a** out. Knock him out. Sit him on his pants. Give him a rude awakening. I can hope, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen. Stylistically, there’s some problems I see that could serve Ryan Garcia up.”

Davis’ open disdain for Bradley is no secret and has been out in the open for years now, stemming from criticisms the ex-fighter tossed Davis’ way on ESPN.

“Tim Bradley can suck a d**k,” Davis write via Twitter back in 2019, in response to Bradley’s criticisms. “It’s always a old person hating…he didn’t start fight real opponents till he had 26 fights..lil soft hitting a**! My daughter hit harder than him.”

The nastiness would bubble up again, after it was announced that Bradley would be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

“Tim was really a**. Facts,” Davis mocked via Twitter.

Despite all of that, though, Bradley insists that his criticisms of Davis, both as a man and as a fighter, are not at all personal or based on Davis’ words about him.

“It’s not personal,” Bradley insisted. “Everybody has their opinion. I don’t like the guy because of that. I don’t like the guy for what I hear and what I see. I think he’s a piece of sh*t. I honestly do. He’s a piece of sh*t. You put your hand on a woman like that? Bro, you’re a piece of sh*t in my book, bro. You’re not a man. My dad always told me ‘you’re a coward if you do something like that.’ Deep down inside, you’re a coward because you gotta pick on someone who can’t even defend themselves…Tank’s a good fighter, but a horrible person.”

Gervonta Davis recently stopped Hector Luis Garcia in defense of his WBA lightweight title and will now, if all goes according to plan, be headed into an April 15 mega-fight with Ryan Garcia.

However, the power puncher and three-division world champ has a February court date on a serious hit-and-run charge that could conceivably result in prison time and derail future fight plans.

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    Tim is a sell out. I bet you’ll never hear a Mexican rooting against their own. Hating because he could bust a grape in a fruit fight. How’d he get into HOF anyway?? Robbing Manny Pacquiao

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