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UFC Vegas 68: Can Ji Yeon Kim Break The Skid?

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Announced via MMA Fighting, Ji Yeon “Fire Fist” Kim (9-6-2) will be taking on Mandy “Monster” Bohm (7-2-1) in what is a must win for both fighters. Kim has produced a great finish in the UFC and has put on some great shows for MMA fans. While she is becoming a fan favorite, she still needs to win, as a loss here would leave her on a five fight losing skid. 

Can Ji Yeon Kim Break The Skid? Bohm Won’t Make it Easy 

This is not the first time Kim has been viewed by Overtime Heroics, being viewed as a real test for Molly McCann and being met with a crossroads in her bout with Alexa Grasso. The Grasso bout was the start of the losing streak, and really did mark that crossroads, as the Mexican born fighter has only seen success since that bout. Many MMA fans had the South Korean up on the scorecards in her bout with Priscilla Cachoeria, regardless she needs a win here.

The same can be said for Mandy Bohm. While “Monster” is on a two fight skid, this match up is not bad for her. The fact is Bohm loses her fights due to being controlled. Seven minutes of control time for her opponent, in her last bout. This is despite the fact that her takedown defense is a solid 71 percent. She won’t be worried about takedowns with Kim though, making this fight interesting. 

UFC Vegas 68: Making the Most of Opportunity 

With Womens 125 being the powder keg that it is, both of these fighters need to make the most of every opportunity. Something that Ji Yeon Kim has done better than many fighters; is making the most of her opportunities. Kim is a fun fighter, as she puts on crushing striking battles and is not afraid to get into the fire. In some ways Kim is dealing with some of the issues Michael Chandler is dealing with; being fun versus being competitive. 

Bohm has a different issue on her hand, that being the ground game. Some MMA fans may view this as favorable matchmaking for Kim, but Bohm does not have to worry about the threat of the takedown and that may change the whole pace of the bout. Even with a win, 125 pounds is dying for a fighter to establish themselves within the division, and there is doubt as to if Bohm is willing to do that.

UFC Vegas 68: Matchup and Implications

As mentioned, this will be a striking battle, as neither fighter has ever shot a takedown in the UFC. With the nickname “Fire Fist,” it’s no shock that Kim is going to look to strike often in the bout, landing five significant strikes per minute. Bohm cannot afford to be stuck on the back-foot in this fight. While Cachoeira won controversially, she did leave a solid blueprint in getting Kim’s back to the fence. One outcome could be Kim getting out gunned as she has in her past bouts. Kim winning will see her getting ahead and staying there. 

For the winner, the path will not get easier. Ji Yeon Kim has been through the gauntlet at 125 and got outworked at 135, so who knows what’s next for the South Korean. Bohm is not in such a compromising position. A loss could lead her out of the UFC, but with a win she could find herself in a high profile bout. Getting a bout with Hannah Goldy or even a fighter just inside the top 15. This fight promises to see two fighters stand and bang, who doesn’t like that?

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