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Who Will Coach The Ultimate Fighter?

It goes to show that The Ultimate Fighter is still alive and well with how much the UFC’s top talent on the roster is trying to get their next fight. You’ve got to love when fighters look to the Ultimate Fighter to start up a rivalry and maybe get some airtime to showcase their coaching skills on how they are the elite of their division. The best at it is, and always has been, Conor McGregor. Anything he posts on social media takes off like wildfire and turns into gold for the UFC.

Conor McGregor teased on his social media that he was offered a coaching gig to be on the upcoming season of the Ultimate Fighter. There are many options for the “Notorious” one to have an entertaining season filled with intensity, some humor, and potentially a badass main event fight.

Potential Coach Matchups for McGregor

McGregor vs. Michael Chandler
Michael Chandler has been primed for a fight with Conor McGregor for quite some time now and has been calling him out any chance he gets. Chandler even seemed intrigued on his personal Twitter at the idea of Conor McGregor coaching a TUF season. We just know the bad blood would spill over if these two went head-to-head as coaches.

McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier
The UFC seems to drop the ball when it comes to trilogy fights. Now, we all know that in the record books, it says Dustin Poirier has two wins to Conor’s 1, but the broken ankle that Conor suffered left many wanting a proper finish to this trilogy – and what a way to build up a final fight with these two as Ultimate Fighter coaches.

McGregor vs. Tony Ferguson
Tony Ferguson has been calling out Conor for years, labeling him as McNuggets. The banter alone would be out-of-this-world ratings for any TV provider as the trash-talking would be non-stop and maybe comical. Tony Ferguson posted on his social media saying that he was the other coach to rival Conor McGregor. If there is truth to that and these two are on tap for coaches, it will be entertaining to see.

Other Coaches?

Other fighters who are trying to use The Ultimate Fighter platform for engaging the fans and media interest to get a fight are Gilbert Burns and Belal Muhammad.

Gilbert Burns, with help from a talented graphic artist, put something together for a Team Burns vs. Team Covington season, but unfortunately for Burns, he will be fighting down the rankings once again as Dana White announced that he will now take on Jorge Masvidal at UFC 287.

Belal Muhammad is also looking to get a fight with Colby Covington so he can get a win and looks to put a stamp on his career and have it be known that he is the undisputed number one contender. He also got his own graphic made and hopped on the Ultimate Fighter coaching trend.

In a time where fight fans thought the show that brought the UFC to where it is today was dead or on life support, it truly is exciting to see that the Ultimate Fighter could be making a comeback with the recent news of a potential new season. Hopefully, the banter between whoever the two coaches are doesn’t take away from the fighters trying to earn a contract and fulfilling their dream of becoming an Ultimate Fighter.

Fight fans, what are your thoughts on the whole scenario? Is it going to be Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson as coaches of the next season of the Ultimate Fighter, or would you be more interested in Belal Muhammad and Colby Covington as coaches, or any other potential coaching combinations? Let us know in the comments section.

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