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Tommy Fury Making UK Media Rounds: “If I can’t beat Jake Paul, I don’t belong in the ring.”

Tommy Fury has been making his voice heard in the UK media ahead of his February 26 pay-per-view clash with Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s what the 8-0 novice pro has to say about 6-0 novice pro Jake Paul and their upcoming grudge tussle:

On the Fury family showing up for the bout:

“Everybody’s going to be out in Saudi. We’re coming with everybody. Tyson’s going to be there, all my brothers, everyone you’re used to seeing on fight night on the cameras on TV, they’ll all be there with me in Saudi Arabia. We’re all here, we’re all as one team and we’re ready to get the job done,” Fury told UK website, The Sun.

“It’s absolutely amazing, I can’t say anything but. To have the heavyweight champion of the world– and in my opinion the best fighter ever– it’s amazing. What more can I say about it? Whatever problem I have in this game I can always go to him. He’s always going to be there, he’s always going to be there right with me.

“I think we all know Tyson by now– and my dad– we all know how to sell pay-per-views, we all know how to hype a fight. I think that’s all that is really. My dad and Tyson both know what’s going to happen in this fight, Tyson’s been there ever since I started boxing, so has my dad. They know what I’m capable of, they know what my opponent is capable of and it’s going to be quite an easy night’s work.”

On retiring if he can’t beat Jake Paul:

“Yes, 100% yeah, definitely,” Fury told TalkSport. “If I can’t beat Jake Paul, I don’t belong in the ring.”

On the threat Jake Paul brings to the ring:

“If he caught me, I’d probably just laugh to be honest,” Fury told TalkSport “because I’ve been used to being hit by heavyweights and Olympic gold medalists, world champions and whatever, so Jake Paul– a little kid from Disney– what’s he going to do?

“I’ll let him hit me, I’m not interested. I’ll put my hands up and let him tee off at me like a 5-year-old is hitting me.

“This man has talked himself into a good fight, when you hear the saying, ‘Oh, he talks a good game,’ this man does talk a good game…Whereas me, I can fight a good game.

“I’m not as good as a talker as he is, I give him that, but I’m levels and levels and levels above him in fighting, and he’s going to find out the hard way.”

On Jake Paul, the man:

‘Jake Paul, he is what he is – he’s a circus act,” Fury told Sportsmail.

“His whole persona, the way he deals with things, the way he tries to negotiate is all a circus act, to be honest.

“I think Jake’s already intimidated. Every bit of news I see on him, he’s very white, he’s very pale in the face, he looks like he’s been struggling for sleep.

“He doesn’t look confident to me. I’ve been in this game a long time, my whole family have, and we know the signs when we see them. I’ll leave Jake to have the sleepless nights.

“You can only get used to those pressure situations through being in them. At the end of the day, he’s a guy who has no idea what’s coming to him.”

On his prediction for the fight:

“This fight will not go to points,” Fury asserted to Sportsmail. “There’s no way Jake Paul will hear the final bell. It could be done in one round. Whenever I connect cleanly, whether it’s to body or head, he will go, and he won’t recover. I’m very confident of that.

“One shot is all it will take, and all it ever takes, especially with the likes of this guy, who’s never been hit right in his career. Jake Paul’s never been hit, so what happens when he sees a blue flash? When his legs go heavy?”

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