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Lamar Jackson Requests Trade – What’s Next for the Ravens

On March 27, 2023, Lamar Jackson took to Twitter to announce that he had requested a trade from the Baltimore Ravens back on March 2.

In the last three weeks, the Ravens tagged Jackson using their non-exclusive tag permitting other teams to negotiate with the former MVP. If Jackson signs an offer sheet with another team, the Ravens would have the opportunity to match the contract. If they do not match, the Ravens would receive two first-round picks.

With Jackson airing some dirty laundry between himself and the team, let’s take a look at what’s next for the team.


The difficult part of the Jackson situation is that the Ravens technically hold the leverage. They can match any offer Jackson receives, but if an offer becomes too large for Baltimore to accept, the Ravens would get two first-round picks in exchange. Based on the quarterback-needy teams in the NFL, this would likely mean a top 10 or 12 pick the season and a nice pick in 2024.

Jackson holds some leverage in that he could hold out for the duration of the season similar to what Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell did in the 2018 season. This is risky for Jackson as he would give up a year of his prime to try to get out of the Ravens franchise tagging him, but it is an option that players have explored.

Ultimately, Baltimore has the final say on whether Jackson plays his next game for a different team or if he plays it in Baltimore. The two sides have been in negotiations through the end of last week, but neither side seems to be close to a deal.



The Ravens have two incumbent quarterback options besides Jackson in Tyler Huntley and Anthony Brown. Huntley has started games in the last two seasons for Baltimore, and he earned a trip to the Pro Bowl last season. While he is not as refined of a passer as Jackson, he has some ability to run and scramble, so offensive coordinator, Todd Monken could use Huntley in a somewhat diluted Jackson role.

Brown, on the other hand, is extremely unpolished. Last year as a rookie, he started one game and eventually lost to the Cincinnati Bengals. He has more arm talent than Huntley, but he needs to make strides in terms of accuracy and decision-making. He is also not the same athlete that Huntley is, and he is nowhere near the athlete Jackson is at the quarterback position.

External Options


Depending on what compensation, the Ravens get for Jackson, they could look at a quarterback in the first round of the 2023 NFL draft. If they were to secure a top-10 pick, they could look at the likes of Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, Will Levis, and Anthony Richardson.

They could also wait on quarterback till next year‘s draft, which could be even better than this year‘s draft from the quarterback perspective. They could also opt for the long-term strategy of drafting a player on Day 2 or Day 3, and use Huntley or Brown as a stopgap option. One popular name will be Stetson Bennett of Georgia. Bennett played with Monken at Georgia, winning two national championships.

Free Agency and Trades

The current free-agent market for quarterbacks is barren because the high-priority players have already signed, but the Ravens could look to make a move for a veteran signal-caller. Aaron Rodgers is still on the table because he has not accepted a deal with the New York Jets, but he seems like a long shot. The Ravens could look at a young quarterback, such as Trey Lance or Jordan Love, but the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers might not be willing to part ways with their young former first-round picks. Going through free agency or a trade would prove to be difficult for the Ravens as many teams have already stabilized their quarterback depth charts to some degree.

Best-Case Scenario

It seems that both Jackson and the Ravens have some willingness to be together for the long term, and in the best-case scenario, they would agree to a long-term deal to keep Jackson in Baltimore for the foreseeable future. This also could involve trading for a star wide receiver, such as the disgruntled DeAndre Hopkins from Arizona.

If Jackson does want out, the best scenario for Baltimore would be a quick resolution so they could participate in these later stages of free agency. This would also give the Ravens time to make a plan for the draft without Jackson. This could include redesigning the offense or going after a quarterback.

Worst-Case Scenario

The current situation is the worst for both sides. If contract negotiations extend into the summer or early fall, both the Ravens and Jackson would be at a disadvantage. For the team, they would still be on the hook for Jackson’s franchise tag until the beginning of the season. This means they would have $32 million allocated to a player who does not want to play for them. This would prevent Baltimore from making necessary additions at positions such as left guard or cornerback.

The will-he, won"t-he of this negotiation could mean that Jackson turns heel at the last minute, but he would also be holding the Ravens hostage for months.

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Kenneth Peller Lamar needs to decide on a price that suits him and the ravens if he wants to stay if he wants to go then I guess I'll be rooting for him on his next team but please make up y'all's mind don't keep us in suspense
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