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Gervonta Davis: Ryan Garcia is not a complete fighter..and he’s a hypocrite as a man

By now, everyone in the boxing universe knows that Gervonta “Tank” Davis vs. Ryan Garcia is happening April 22 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Most everyone also knows that Davis and Garcia don’t particularly care for one another.

On Thursday, Davis held a media workout and, afterwards, opened himself up for questions from the assembled press. He would reaffirm the fact that he doesn’t think much of the man he’ll be facing atop the big ticket pay-per-view card.

When asked about the much-talked about rehydration clause his side put into the fight contract, limiting the 24-year-old Garcia from gaining more than 10 lbs. on the day of the fight, Davis held firm to his assertion that the clause prevents Garcia from gaining an unfair size advantage.

"I just think he wanted to be lazy and not train as hard," the 28-year-old Davis said. "When he fights at 135, he has to work to make the weight…I think he’s trying to find a way to have some advantage."

As for the dangers that Garcia presents inside the ring? Davis doesn’t appear to be all that impressed with his opponent’s all-around package.

"The only danger with that hook, nothing else. The only danger is with the hook," Davis told media "The hook is his best punch."

And how about Garcia’s right hand?

"He really don’t [have a good right hand]. He don’t got a good right hand," Tank asserted. "He’s got a good hook and that’s it."

So, what if Garcia did have a good right hand? Would the bout be more competitive in Davis’ mind?

"No," Davis answered. "He’s not a complete fighter at all…We got to wait and see until we get in there. We got to wait and see. I just feel that he doesn’t have everything. I feel he’s got a lot [to work on], and I don’t feel like he can work over one fight. He should have been doing this for years."

As for Garcia’s belief that Davis is too small to throw straight punches?

"You got to wait and see, but he’s going to be surprised, though," Davis said with a half-smile. "His reach is not that much longer than mine, so he needs to shut the hell up."

In short, Davis just doesn’t think all that highly of Garcia, that much seems to be clear.

"He looks good against people he"s supposed to look good against," Davis assessed.

As for Davis’ opinion of Garcia, the man? The word "hypocrite" was brought up by a reporter and Davis didn’t hesitate to agree.

"He’s ‘I praise God’ and everything, but he drinks a lot, he gambles a lot," Davis said. "Yeah, for sure [he’s a hypocrite]…He’s more of a bad person than me….He tries to play something he’s not…When the door’s closed and the cameras are off, he’s this other person."

None of what Davis said on Thursday is likely to be received too well by Garcia or his team. But, really, this is just part of the pre-fight game. With two young, high-profile fighters about to square up in a blockbuster clash, there’s bound to be a degree of rivalry and derision.

In this particular pairing, Davis (and many of Davis’ supporters) seem to feel that Garcia is more hype than substance. They feel that Garcia’s ascension to the main stage and (near) equal billing as Davis is more the product of social media posturing than in-ring achievement.

Garcia, meanwhile, is apparently burning with desire to prove the critics wrong. He aims to shoot straight up to the top of the boxing world by taking out one of the sport’s biggest stars and best pound-for-pound talents.

We won’t have to wait too much longer to see how this Davis-Garcia drama plays out.

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