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Former Houston Astro Admits to PEDs and Trash Can Bangs

Last night, some old baseball wounds were rehashed when a former member of the 2017 World Series winning Houston Astros seemingly admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs during the 2015 season and further confirming the 2017 cheating scandal that embroiled the baseball world.

Twitter Controversy

The newest baseball controversy started on Twitter, where it appears most controversy originates these days. When responding to a fan who mentioned watching him play during 2015, former Houston Astro Evan Gattis responded seemingly confirming that he was on performance enhancing drugs.

Responding to a tweet later in the thread, Gattis also acknowledged to being a part of the Houston Astros cheating scandal, where a camera room with a live feed of the game was used to identify off-speed pitches, with the banging of a trash can used to relay the intel to the batter.

Based on Gattis" tweets, it appears he know the exact pitches being thrown by New York Yankees starter CC Sabathia, when Gattis hit a home run to put the Astros ahead in the game.

Later, Gattis would again confirm knowing the exact pitch being thrown during his at-bat.

Baseball"s Headache

In the heavily covered scandal, Major League Baseball took a considerate amount of criticism when the decision was made to not hold players accountable for their actions. Instead, MLB focused on punishing the Astros organization (including the coaching staff) while letting the players off the hook for their actions.

The last thing Major League Baseball, and commissioner Rob Manfred, want is more attention to the past. Gattis" comments instantly brought more criticism to a topic that MLB considers to be over. The blunt admission by Gattis instead throws more fuel onto a fire that should have been fully extinguished years ago.

Looking Forward

Gattis" admission will likely cause no changes from Major League Baseball, but it certainly is not a good look for the sport or for the Houston Astros organization. Meanwhile, the comments will likely cause a field day amongst New York Yankees supporters who still feel the team was unjustly eliminated during the 2017 ALCS.

For the Astros, their supporters will likely once again remind the Yankees" fans that they have yet to eliminate the Astros despite facing off multiple times in the years since. For the Yankees, it might be time to try and fully move past the scandal as it doesn"t seem like Major League Baseball has any interest in opening up wounds that they believed they resolved a long time ago.

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