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Colby Covington: “I’ll be honest, I retired Jorge Masvidal in 2022 at T-Mobile Arena”

At UFC 287 this past Saturday, Gilbert Burns defeated Jorge Masvidal via. Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, and 29-28). Following the contest, Masvidal (0-4 in his last four fights) seemingly held to his pre-fight talks of retiring if he was to lose at UFC 287.

“Sometimes your favorite basketball player ain’t got that three-pointer anymore, your favorite quarterback loses that rifle. I don’t feel the same when I get in here no more, it’s been 20 long years.” Masvidal then spoke on his inspirations and love for the fans “I love all of you. The UFC came here 20 years ago, and it inspired me to chase this dream for 20 years, 50-something fights later. Hopefully, I inspired somebody in here to go fight for theirs no matter what it is, if it’s in the sports world, the entertainment world, if it’s in whatever world, a 9-5. I love everybody, I love this f****** sport. I’m a multi-millionaire, I didn’t start from s***. I didn’t have s*** when I started and I can say I’m good for life now.”

“Chaos” Reacts to Masvidal’s Retirement

The subject at hand begins around the four-minute mark of the video.

Colby Covington-bitter rival and former friend-turned-foe to Masvidal appeared on Submission Radio and shared his thoughts on the retirement news.

Covington seems to think he was the cause of Masvidal’s retirement after seemingly just finding it out during his appearance “Yeah, I’m just figuring that out now. That’s interesting, you know I haven’t been paying attention to the news.” Covington continued “If I want to give my honest take, he was retired after I beat him.” referencing his Unanimous Decision victory over Masvidal last year at UFC 272.

Never one to mince his words, Covington said “He’s a broken man, there’s a reason that he came out and did what he did to me in the streets, like a little clown. There’s no pride in that guy.” Covington then went on to explain why Masvidal chose not to retire after the loss at UFC 272 “He just didn’t want to have to live the rest of his life knowing that he retired off of getting his a** beat by me. Of course, he’s going to come and lose to somebody else in the division, because he didn’t want that being hung over his head that I retired him.” Covington then reiterated, saying “I’ll be honest, I retired Jorge Masvidal, ‘Street Judas,’ in 2022 in T-Mobile Arena.”

Covington is expected to compete for the title later this year against current UFC Welterweight champion- Leon Edwards, fresh off of his successful title defense against Kamaru Usman last month. What do you make of Covington’s words, is there any truth to them? Let us know in the comments below!

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Eric Hamidi
161 days ago
Really not all that surprising given the animosity between Colby and Jorge. I didn't expect him to praise Jorge.
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