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Notts County Deserves More Following Wrexham Match

Following to their crushing 3-2 defeat to rival Wrexham AFC, Notts County finds themselves in an unenviable situation. With only three games remaining in their season, Notts County can finish the season with more points than any other club in a single season (outside of Wrexham this year) in National League history, and still not advance.

Furthermore, no club that has ever recorded 100 points in a season has not advanced. For Notts County, a bad playoff performance might just let them make history.

Playing Spoiler

After Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds purchased Wrexham, it felt destined that the club would advance out of the National League. The duo were quickly given an FX documentary series, were sponsored by Tik Tok and visited by the King of England, further increasing their brand.

Combined with their own finances, Wrexham quickly brought in star players, including Paul Mullin,in their quest to advance to the English Football League.

On the other end, stood Notts County. A historic club that has fallen on hard times over the years. Founded ini 1862 in Nottingham England, the club known as the Magpies, is so old, that Juventus drew inspiration from their uniforms when designing their own black and white stripes.

This year, the team, led by goal scorer Macaulay Langstaff went toe-to-toe with Wrexham over the course of the season. Not wanting to be outdone, Notts County came into these final few matches tied with their heavy spending rival, and would have tied the game in the closing minutes, if not for a Ben Foster penalty save.

To The Playoffs They (Likely) Go

It"s worth mentioning that just because Wrexham has pulled ahead (with a game in hand) crazier things have happened. If Wrexham slips and loses a couple of games, Notts County will just need to win out to advance. However, this feels pretty unlikely.

As a result, Notts County will likely head to a playoff where the risk of going home early increases with each passing round. Playing a team with their backs against the wall is always difficult and injuries, poor weather or an opposing player having the game of their life can quickly change things.

Just ask Wrexham. Last season, Wrexham narrowly missed promotion, finishing in second by a couple of wins. In the playoffs, Grimsby Town (who finished 6th in the regular season) sent Wreham home early before advancing.

For Notts County, they"ll look to avoid a similar fate.

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