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Dana White: “We Don’t Do Anything Woke Over Here”

Conservative Celebrities and Politicians have been heavily tied to the UFC for a while now and it won’t change as long as Dana White has anything to say about it. Just this past weekend at UFC 287 in Miami, Florida, the former president- Donald Trump along with multi-genre music star- Kid Rock walked into the Kaseya Center with Dana White to a thunderous ovation from the sold-out crowd, it makes sense given the location.

Dana White Joins “Unfiltered”

Last night, the President of the UFC- Dana White joined Fox’s “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino” to share how the multi-billion-dollar sport is soaring to new heights post-COVID.

White was asked by Bongino to describe what the energy was like at UFC 287 with Trump and Rock’s entrance, White answered, “It was insane, I’ve been doing this for like 23 years, when you walk in with Trump it’s a whole another level.” White continued, “The entire place erupted, everybody was going crazy, and it was fun.”

Bongino’s following question was about how combat sports are booming at the moment and spoke on his excitement for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and UFC merger following the news of Endeavor (UFC’s parent company) purchasing the WWE earlier this month. White was asked about the potential partnership and crossover appeal between the UFC and the WWE. White added “I think there’s always been that synergy. When our guys retire and they want to go over there, and Brock Lesnar was obviously good enough to come over here and become the Heavyweight Champion.”

White then explained the value that Ari Emanuel (Endeavor’s CEO) brings to the table, “What’s really going to happen is Ari Emanuel with WME (Endeavor) can add a lot of value to the WWE with sponsorship signings, licensing, things like that and I think we (UFC) can help them out as far as cost production thing. It’s just a real good synergy and we will be a public company now together, WWE and UFC.”

Bongino asked about the shift sensed in sports against woke culture and the UFC’s COVID sensibility and asked if White was sensing a shift with the explosive growth in combat sports. White went on to explain, “The fact that we figured out how to go through COVID, we were first to fill stadiums again when all of the COVID bans were being lifted. It grew our business like 70% or something like that because we were the only thing to watch.” White then shifted his attention to woke culture, emphatically saying, “We (UFC) don’t do anything woke over here, at all.”

UFC 287 and The Promotion’s Impact On Politics and Media

Following Jorge Masvidal‘s Unanimous Decision loss to Gilbert Burns, Masvidal spoke with Joe Rogan during his Post-Fight Interview. In the octagon, Masvidal announced his retirement before continuing to praise and recognize Trump and the Governor of Florida- Ron DeSantis. “I also want to say, greatest president in the history of the world, sitting right there, I love that guy. We’ve also got the greatest governor of all time right here in Florida, let’s keep Florida free and a red state.” Masvidal said before aiming his sights at current president Joe Biden, “Let’s take that you know who, ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ m*****f***** out of power and replace him.” Masvidal then hyped the crowd to chant ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ along with him, and the crowd obliged.

It is a bit ironic to see that just within the last 30 years most politicians wanted to ban the UFC along with MMA competition and deem it illegal, how times have changed. It was as recent as 2016 before MMA was even legalized in all of the United States, New York was the last state to lift its ban and legalize the sport of MMA. What do you think about the UFC’s steadfast approach against woke culture and its conservative ties, let us know in the comments below!

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