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New Orleans Police Department Has Issued An Arrest Warrant For Nate Diaz

Misfits Boxing 6 was Friday night at the XULA Convocation Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Attending the event front row was Nate Diaz. Diaz was there for teammate Chris Avila who was one-half of the co-main event that evening. Avila defeated his opponent- Paul Bamba via. unanimous decision.

During the event, Diaz was involved in an incident with Chase DeMoor when DeMoor said something to Diaz and Diaz retaliated by throwing a bottle at DeMoor. The incident almost went south very fast, but thankfully the two parties were separated and cooler heads prevailed for the moment.

That wasn’t the end though for both Diaz and DeMoor as after the event another situation transpired and it was not good. Diaz was approached by Rodney Petersen, a TikTok celebrity, known for being a Logan Paul lookalike. While Petersen approached Diaz, DeMoor was also in the area and got involved with Diaz’s team to some degree and was “jumped” by them.

Diaz felt the need to defend himself when being approached by Petersen and applied a guillotine choke to subdue the perceived threat and kneed Petersen in the stomach. Diaz choked Petersen unconscious and the TikTok celeb took a hard fall to the ground. Petersen even shared a video showing the wound on the back of his head after he smacked the pavement hard.

New Orleans Police Department: “There Has Been An Arrest Warrant Issued”

Per MMAFighting, “New Orleans police have issued an arrest warrant for Nate Diaz on suspicion of second-degree battery NOPD spokesperson Karen A. Boudrie confirmed but could not provide additional details on the warrant.”

Bouidre said, “There has been an arrest warrant issued, he is not in custody.” The NOPD issued the charge after gathering videos of the incident in which Diaz allegedly choked Petersen unconscious amid the brawl in the street. Bouidre said Bourbon Street Police were called during the incident to break up the fight.

A second-degree battery is a felony in the state of Louisiana that is punishable by up to eight years in prison “with or without hard labor,” a $2,000 fine, or both. Louisiana’s definition of second-degree battery is as follows, “Second-degree battery is a battery when the offender intentionally inflicts serious bodily injury; however, this provision shall not apply to a medical provider who has obtained the consent of a patient.”

Nate Diaz is scheduled to compete against Jake Paul in a boxing bout on August 5th at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. You can find all of the details for that fight announcement here

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