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Conor McGregor Reacts to Max Holloway’s Interest in a Rematch

Both Max “Blessed” Holloway and “Notorious” Conor McGregor have recently stated their desire to face each other once again. The first fight between the two was way back in 2013 for UFC Fight Night 26: Shogun vs. Sonnen. It was McGregor’s second fight and Holloway’s sixth fight in the promotion. McGregor defeated Holloway via. Unanimous Decision.

There has always been a bit of back and forth between the two since the first fight concluded, but both fighters continue to have each other on their radar. In recent developments, there has been more fuel added to the potential rematch.

Holloway Appears On The MMA Hour

Ariel Helwani asked Holloway a hypothetical question, “Before it’s all said and done if the UFC said to you ‘alright Max you’ve been the best, we’ve loved having you, we’re going to give you the one fight that you want before it’s all said and done.’ What is that fight?” asked Helwani.

“I mean the Volk (Alexander Volkanovski) four, if I I’m doing what I’m doing and he’s doing what he’s doing, I’m sure that fourth is going to line up somewhere. I think that fight is very reachable and that we will be fighting each other again down the line.” Holloway said. Holloway is 0-3 against Volkanovski but seems to think the fourth fight will come in time.

“Blessed” then turned his attention to McGregor, “So if you was to actually give me a fight, I’d love to fight Conor, I was the only guy that took Conor to a decision at 45. He’s big right now, we’ll see what happens.”

Holloway further explained why the fight would make sense, “I know he wants to come back, but that’d be a fight that would be super interesting and super fun, a lot of questions, there’s a lot of unknowns because we’re just two different fighters from what we was back then. I think it’d be a fan favorite. I’d fight him open weight.”

McGregor Responds

It didn’t take long for McGregor to react to the desire for a rematch on the part of Holloway. McGregor responded to a fan’s tweet saying, “I’m never retiring so we defo fighting, lad.”


McGregor is linked to a fight with Michael Chandler later this year, before their fight though, they will coach against each other on the 31st season of The Ultimate Fighter. The season is set to premiere on May 30th on ESPN. The fight between McGregor and Chandler has yet to be scheduled as McGregor needs to re-enter the USADA testing pool before active competition. Typically a fighter must be in the testing pool for six months, but exemptions can be granted.

McGregor last competed at UFC 264 against Dustin Poirier. McGregor lost that bout via. TKO in the first round due to McGregor breaking his leg. McGregor suffered fractures to his tibia and fibula. Holloway recently defeated Arnold Allen via. Unanimous Decision earlier this month.

Do you have interest in seeing the rematch, who do you think would win, and what weight would be best? Let us know in the comments below!

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