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Aljamain Sterling has a Problem With Dana White

127 days ago

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY – MAY 06: Aljamain Sterling react after his victory over Henry Cejudo in the UFC bantamweight championship fight during the UFC 288 event at Prudential Center on May 06, 2023 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)


Recently Dana White announced the UFC 291 and UFC 292 events and 292’s main event will be the anticipated Bantamweight Title bout between Aljamain Sterling (23-3 MMA, 15-3 UFC) and Sean O’Malley (16-1-1 MMA, 8-1-1 UFC) this August in Boston. Following UFC Vegas 73, Dana White had some particular comments about Bantamweight champ- Sterling at the post-fight press conference that Sterling is certainly not pleased with.

Aljamain Sterling Demands Respect

At the UFC Vegas 73 Post-Fight press conference, Dana White was asked about Aljamain Sterling’s tweet detailing the fight will be on if he’s healthy enough in that time frame regarding his upcoming fight with Sean O’Malley. White responded “He’s fighting, do you want me to explain what’s going on in the mind of Aljo (Sterling), I was in the gym this morning working out, Henry Cejudo calls me and says ‘this little p**** doesn’t want to fight, I’ll take the fight, I’m throwing my hat in right now, let’s do it, I’ll fight O’Malley.’ I think Aljo’s one of those guys that just can’t get out of his own way. Apparently, he’s in for the fight why he said that, who knows, this is my life brother.” White then reiterated, “The fight is absolutely, positively on.”

Sterling has now responded to White’s statement on a recent upload to his YouTube Channel and this is what Sterling had to say, “You’re not going to keep up with this defamation.” Sterling said directed at White before continuing, “You (White) put me in this situation and you make it sound as if you want me to be the bad guy, tell me behind closed doors, behind the scenes, ‘Aljo this is what we’re going to do, this is the script, here it is.’ It’s not WWE but this is what we see that the fans are picking up on you, why don’t we take this and turn the volume up and accelerate the noise and make this as crazy as possible? I’m with it, you guys know I like to play a character. I’ll be him, I’ll be the character but get me in on the joke.”

Sterling continued, “But not when you’re going to keep doing this stuff and then making me look like I’m a b****. Nah bro, you’re not going to keep doing that dog, like f*** out of here Dana, get out of here with that. I’ve done everything the UFC has asked me to do, everything. Two partially torn biceps, I went through two training camps like that, I fought through, beat Petr Yan, beat T.J. Dillashaw. Then you got Henry Cejudo, the greatest combat athlete of all time self-proclaimed, I beat this guy, also with a partially torn bicep tendon. Every time they’ve asked me to fight, I’ve saddled up, put my nuts on the table and I showed out every time and I won. It’s just like at what point do I get credit from the UFC, from Uncle Dana.”

Sterling then spoke on Dana White behind the scenes, “Dana is super nice behind closed doors, but then he tells me I can’t get out of my own way. What does that even mean, just clarify what that means, and if we’re going to say it’s because of me saying ‘Yeah, I’m fighting but I’m also banged up,’ there’s never been a fight that was scheduled where people signed the contract and remember contracts are just a formality, it’s just to say hey, you’re going to show up. No one’s going to sign the contract but actually not show up in the UFC, that just doesn’t happen, so let’s stop pretending that’s a thing. If I say I’m going to show up, I f****** show up and I fight.” Sterling concluded, “My thing with Dana is damn dog, why can’t you just give credit where credit is due. What’s so hard for Dana to go ‘Absolutely the fight’s done, we spoke to him, this kid always shows up to the fight, he always makes weight, he does all the media stuff, we know he’s going to show up, isn’t he awesome the same way he goes for Conor (McGregor), can I be awesome too Dana?”

What do you make of both Sterling and White’s comments, whose side are you on? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images

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