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Kim Ng: The First Female GM in MLB

On Friday, November 13, 2020, the Miami Marlins hired a new general manager, Kim Ng. The Marlins made a name for themselves in 2020...

Sorry, 2020 Dbacks: Maybe Next Season

Sorry Dbacks, maybe next season. Arizona is the type of team that can either impress fans throughout the states or disappoints in the worst...

Dbacks: Final Series Recap

The Arizona Diamondbacks played the final games of the 2020 season on Sunday, September 27th against the Rockies. The Dbacks have had quite a...

Dbacks: Obstacle of 2020

The Dbacks and the obstacles of 2020. This team has overcome multiple obstacles throughout the years, and ever Since the embarrassing 2016 season, this...

Dbacks: From Last To Third Place

From last place to third place, the Dbacks may finally be getting the momentum needed to fight for a playoff spot this season. Arizona,...

Diamondbacks: Opening Weekend Disaster

Arizona……We have a problem. An Opening Day meant for success turns to a weekend filled with disasters for the Diamondbacks. Friday, July 24th, the...

Exhibition Game: Diamondbacks vs Dodgers

The Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers faced off in the first exhibition game of 2020. The two NL West rivals were eager to...

D-Backs Players test positive for COVID-19

Arizona Diamondbacks Player Test positive for COVID-19

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