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My name is Robert Phaneuf, and I live in Lowell, Massachusetts. Avid Boston sports fan. Aspiring sports blogger.

Bruins Goaltending: 3 Free Agent Targets

For many years Boston Bruins fans have had the luxury of enjoying the best goaltending tandem in the NHL. In this post, we will...

Top Hockey Prospect Studnicka Could Be a Top-4 Bruins Player Soon

Top prospect Jack Studnicka could be a top player soon. With injuries to Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak time will tell if top prospect...

3 Intriguing Additions to Improve the Boston Bruins Roster

Boston Bruins Roster With the 2021 NHL season slated for mid-January, the Boston Bruins roster could look very different. With pre-season around the corner, here...

Why Bruins Fans Can Expect A Bleak 2020-21 Season

With the 2020-21 NHL season around the corner, Boston Bruins fans can expect a bleak year. The Bruins have three obstacles to overcome. ...

Bruins: Failing Grade

With the 2020 NHL offseason nearly complete, it's time to examine the Bruins offseason transactions. With some cap space still left, the organization still...

Grading The Bruins Draft Choices

Grading The 2020 Bruins Draft Choices - Overtime Heroics The Bruins participated in last week's 2020 draft. With only four picks the Bruins drafted for the future rather than now. With offseason surgeries to David... Edit Snippet Focus Keyword Want more? PRO version is coming soon. Notify me! This post is Pillar Content

Selections for Boston Bruins in 2020

With the upcoming NHL draft around the corner, it's time for the Bruins to build their future with all the possible selections available to...

Three Free Agents That Would Improve The Bruins

With a disappointing playoff performance, it's time for the Boston Bruins to move on. Critical decisions need to be made on Torey Krug, ...

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