Cheap Seats Chatter: MLB Grab-Bag Friday

It's Friday again, meaning that it's time for another episode of Overtime Heroics' Baseball podcast, Cheap Seats Chatter. As always, Fridays are reserved for MLB Grab-Bag day. A little of this, a little of that... you get the drift. In this episode, host Cole Raines is joined by Joe Borek

NL and AL Central: The Final Countdown

In the third edition of Overtime Heroics baseball podcast, "Cheap Seats Chatter," host Ken Allison and Danny Podolsky cover the last week's worth of NL and AL Central news. We've reached that point in the 60-day season and we're now in the final countdown. In addition to the AL and NL

Breaking: Lou Brock Dies at Age 81

BREAKING: Lou Brock had died at age 81. While Brock suffered from complications from diabetes, no immediate cause of death was given. Brock's death comes just days after MLB lost legend, Tom Seaver. Brock spent 19 seasons in MLB, playing 16 of those with the Cardinals. Cardinals CEO and

MLB Central Division Chatter: Deadline Day

In Week #2 of Overtime Heroics MLB Podcast, "Cheap Seats Chatter," I sat down with Ryan Garcia to talk trades. Nothing better than discussing the deadline, and MLB's Central divisions on deadline day. We ended the recording just as that final minute ticked away, with news coming fast and furious. The

Sizing Up the MLB Central Divisions

In this week's edition of Cheap Seats Chatter, I was joined by fellow writers Ryan Garcia, Anthony Baamonde and Joe Borek. Our mission was simple: Spend about 90 minutes sizing up the MLB Central Divisions. As it would happen, we found a lot more to talk about. Along with discussing some

OTH Baseball Presents: Cheap Seats Chatter

No more waiting baseball fans. OTH Baseball presents Cheap Seats Chatter, your new all-things-MLB podcast. The show will run four times a week and will be divided up as follows. Mondays: AL and NL East (various hosts). Tuesdays: AL and NL Central (hosted by Ken Allison). Thursdays: AL and NL