Happy Thanksgiving, Baseball Fans

It may seem a little cliche', but I thought I'd take a few minutes this Thanksgiving morning to share some thoughts with you, our valued readers. Beyond the obligatory list of family, friends, and health, here are some of the work-related things that I'm appreciative of this Thanksgiving. First of all,

BREAKING: Randy Arozarena Arrested in Mexico

Randy Arozarena Has been areested.

Reports coming out of Mexico today allege that TB Rays' rookie superstar, Randy Arozarena has been arrested for allegedly beating up his ex-father-in-law while trying to forcibly abduct his daughter from Arozarena's ex-wife. https://twitter.com/SotoC803/status/1331287557330653188?s=20 According to the report, Randy Arozarena's ex-wife had legal custody of the child, when Arozarena allegedly tried to

Theo Epstein Says Goodbye to the Cubs

It's been nine years, but Theo Epstein has made his decision to say goodbye to the Chicago Cubs. The announcement came yesterday, however, the writing had been on the wall for a while. Although somewhat surprised, I wasn't shocked. GM Jed Hoyer has been named as Theo Epstein's replacement and

The 2021 MLB Season Is Already Facing Hurdles

We’re not even a month removed from the shortened 2020 season, and it already looks as though the 2021 MLB season may be facing hurdles – that is, if they start at all. COVID-19 is once again running rampant throughout the country, with the state of Illinois now reporting a seven-day,

MLB Without Fans: Can it Still be Enjoyable?

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, sports like football, basketball, and baseball contend with a common issue. It seems likely that the MLB season could finally open, but without fans. There are ways that MLB without fans can still be enjoyable. Jacek Michalski, our expert from Poland (view here) has

The Presidential Election Could Affect MLB in 2021

Politics and sports seldom collide, unless, of course, you’re talking about the steroid scandal, but the ongoing U.S. Presidential Election could negatively affect MLB and other professional sports in 2021. I won’t get into a political debate here, as it doesn’t matter who either of us voted for, but President Trump