Montreal Canadiens Re-Sign Brendan Gallagher

It's often said that a sports team always needs a heart and soul player. The guy who can motivate his team and keep the spirits high, and a guy who leads by example and always makes a play when the team needs it the most. The Montreal Canadiens have locked

BREAKING: Monteal Canadiens Sign Tyler Toffoli

On Monday, October 12th the Montreal Canadiens make a huge move Signing forward Tyler Toffoli to a 4-year contract. Toffoli was the best player for the Canadiens on the market, and they made their biggest step of free agency so far by signing him. Long term this is a low

2020 NHL Mock Draft

The NHL draft is upon us and with that it is our honor and duty to bring you the official Overtime Heroics 2020 NHL Mock Draft. So me and a fellow writer teamed up to bring you our full first round 2020 NHL Mock Draft.  Official top 15 Draft Order that