Montreal Canadiens Eliminated – Game 6 Recap

Carey Price congratulating Carter Hart After The Flyers Win Photo credit Elsa-Getty Images The Montreal Canadiens have been eliminated and are now heading home after a tough loss to the Philadelphia Flyers in game six. The Flyers pick up the series win and move on to round two. The Canadiens played

BREAKING: Brendan Gallagher Leaves Bubble With Jaw Fracture.

Photo Via Rabbi_D on Flickr BREAKING: Brendan Gallagher Leaves Bubble With Jaw Fracture. On Thursday, August 20th it was announced that Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher has left the bubble with a fractured jaw, After an injury in game 5 against the Philadelphia Flyers. when Flyers defensemen Matt Niskanen cross-checked Gallagher in

The Canadiens Stay Alive And Take Game Five

Montreal Canadiens stay alive and take game five over the Philadelphia Flyers. The Montreal Canadiens take game five from the Flyers to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Canadiens controlled this game throughout the entire 60 minutes. Even when they were trailing, they looked like they had more confidence, and looked

Canadiens Best Player in the Stanley Cup Qualifiers

The underdog Montreal Canadiens took down the heavy favorite Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup qualifying series. The Habs played 60+ minutes of hard hockey every game, and the hard work paid off. Shea Weber, Brendan Gallagher, and Carey Price all played extremely well during this series. But who was

Canadiens Win Game Three Vs Pittsburg

The Montreal Canadiens rallied back and put in their most complete effort offensively in game three. After blowing an early lead, the Habs came back in the 2nd period, managing to stay out of the box. Giving the Pittsburgh Penguins fewer opportunities, and giving Carey Price support. Those are the