Cleaning up before the NCAA Tournament

Lester Quinones warming up before Saturday's game against the Georgia Bulldogs The Memphis Tigers suffered their second loss of the season against the Georgia Bulldogs Saturday. It’s no secret that Coach Hardaway, and his Tigers, have seen a significant amount of controversy, and adversity this season. However, Saturday’s loss cost the

Memphis Tigers Can’t Catch a Break from NCAA

Photo: Kan Li, 247sports Once again, the NCAA has continued to be a thorn in the side of the University of Memphis Tigers. This time, however, not because of violations. Prior to the start of Tuesday’s game, Coach Penny Hardaway announced that Florida transfer Isaiah Stokes’ wavier for immediate eligibility to

Memphis Tigers Live Up to the Hype

Memphis fans have been waiting for it and it if finally here. After what seemed like an offseason that lasted an eternity, Tiger basketball is back and was well worth the wait. The No. 14 Memphis Tigers dominated the South Carolina Bulldogs with a 97-64 win in their season opener.

3 Most Interesting Match-ups for the Memphis Tigers

With a new court, a new Assistant Coach, and virtually new team, the Memphis Tigers have proven that they want “all the smoke.” Going into Coach Penny Hardaway’s second year as a college basketball coach, he has exceeded expectations. Hardaway has proved his capability to recruit by obtaining the top-ranked