Is James Harden to the Cavs a Possibility?

First off I want to say, I have seen no serious rumors about this. This is mostly something hypothetical that I want to elaborate on. Now, is this really feasible? Possibly. The Cavs have a decent amount of trade assets, and they could have a shot at James Harden if

3 Cavs Trade Packages for Ben Simmons

A rumor is spreading today surrounding Ben Simmons’ future in Philly. After a likely season-ending surgery on his kneecap, Ben Simmons is now in trade rumors. One team in the center of those rumors, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs made a huge trade to acquire All Star center, Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond to Accept Player Option

Cleveland Cavaliers big man Andre Drummond announced today that he plans to return to the Cavs next year. He'll be accepting his player option for next year worth $28.75 million. Drummond, who was traded to Cleveland all the way back in February, is nearly 27 years old. He's still considerably

Is the NBA Return Plan Good for the Cavaliers?

With the NBA's return plan having just been approved, we are now finding out that eight teams have already played their last games. The Cleveland Cavaliers are one of those teams. But does this benefit the franchise? The Cavaliers finished their shortened season with the record of 19-46. This

“Shut Up and Dribble”

A phrase that we've heard before that was used to diminish an athlete's platform. Fox News host Laura Ingraham made this comment on-air in 2018, in regards to LeBron James, as well as Kevin Durant. During an episode of Uninterrupted with two superstars, they spoke of their opinions of our