Vivan Singhal

Vivan is a high school senior and aspiring computer scientist/engineer, with a passion for watching sports, especially the Portland Trail Blazers, and analyzing film and numbers.

The Portland Trail Blazers Defense: What’s Wrong?

I tried to wait on writing an article like this. After the preseason, I thought the Blazers would have a revamped defense. I was...

The Wild Portland Trail Blazers’ Preseason

Throughout the four Blazers’ preseason games, they recorded one win and three losses. While the record may seem underwhelming, there were plenty of takeaways...

The Portland Trail Blazers and the Exciting 2020 NBA Draft

Well, that does it. On August 29th, the Portland Trail Blazers were eliminated by the #1 seed Los Angeles Lakers. Despite missing Zach ...

Blazers’ Bubble Recap and Analysis

The Blazers have done it. Despite a stacked schedule, injuries, and in-game struggles, the Blazers secured a spot in the playoffs by posting an...

Blazers’ Scrimmage Games: Thoughts and Takeaways

Technically, the Blazers went 3-0 in the games they played. Unfortunately, it's the wrong type of 3-0. The Portland Trail Blazers lost every single...

Damian Lillard vs Stephen Curry: Player Breakdown

When it comes to the deep 3-ball, no player is more iconic than Damian Lillard or Stephen Curry. Both possess ridiculous range, with Curry...

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