Zerograve – Demo Impressions

A brand-spanking new 6DoF Shooter that’ll cast you right back to the days of Descent and Forsaken.  The six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) shooter genre is experiencing something of a resurgence lately, largely due to Nightdive’s remaster of N64 title Forsaken, as well as the announcement of a new Descent title and the ever-growing

S.C.A.R. Early Access Review

Due to arrive on Steam on July 16th, S.C.A.R. (Simulating Carnage & Rockets) is a fast-paced horde shooter akin to the likes of Painkiller, Serious Sam and Will Rock. The debut project from Savage Studios, this first-person foray into the industry is a very exciting one, and will undoubtedly capture

EVECTOR, Acid Thirst – Demo Impressions

A luminous and sleek classic FPS experience that blends innovative mechanics with a familiar feel.  EVECTOR, Acid Thirst is an upcoming first-person shooter from solo-developer KGRVECTOR, and it’s due to blast its way onto Valve’s storefront this Winter. Whilst it might seem at a glance to be just another indie developer

EVERY PS2 Game Released in March 2000

Welcome to the brand-new ongoing article series here at Overtime Heroics. Over the course of these articles, we are going to take a look at monthly release windows for video games on the Sony PlayStation 2. Starting with the month that the system debuted, March 2000, we will briefly look