View Full Version : If KD returns as Peak Rashard Lewis, is that considered a successful comeback?

06-17-2020, 06:32 PM
And what does that do for the Nets hopes of contention?

Rashard Lewis was basically a poor mans KD, 6"10 sniper who manned both forward spots. At his apex, was a 22-7-2 kind of guy with elite shooting splits and contributed to some high level offenses. Now KD has a better handle and vision so maybe the bar is too low here but would that be considered a failed comeback from such a devestating injury for him?

What would be a reasonable level of output for him to be among the best and what would the Nets need in order to truly compete?

Do they need him to be the +30ppg kind of guy again, or would something like 27-7-4 be reasonable to contend?