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  1. Yup. Colorado Springs. We went to the garden of gods and went rafting in the Royal Gorge. Was a ton of fun
  2. I was born and raised down by Madison. 30 Miles North of Madison, 15 miles South of the Dells. Been a crazy sports year for my wife and I. She is from Montana and a fan of Colorado Sports teams (and of course the Montana Grizzlies college team). We both had amazing baseball seasons, horrid football seasons (college and pro) and the Bucks and Nuggets are doing awesome.

    I really like Colorado. I've lived out here since the winter of 99-00. I moved out here to get back into ski instructing (I instructing in the late 90s at Cascade Mountain in Portage). Decided to stay, get residency and go back to school.

    I'm gonna assume you mean Colorado Springs (there are about half a dozen towns with the name Springs in it in Colorado).
  3. Yeah I live in eastern WI just south of GB. Was awesome seeing the fan support Brewers got this past year all over the state.

    How do you like Colorado? I was up near the Springs this past summer and it was awesome
  4. Born and raised in Wisconsin. They are the teams I cheer for. Live in Colorado now. Brewers, Bucks, Packers, and Badgers for ever.
  5. Welcome to the site bud. Glad to see another Brewer fan on here
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