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  1. Will do.
  2. We would love to have you do it just let us know
  3. Let me think about it. My next master's class begins tomorrow so I'm not sure what kind of time I would have for the next 8 weeks but I have been a moderator before on other sites.
  4. Would you have any interest in maybe taking over that section and moderating it?
  5. You could even do Combat (wrestling, MMA, boxing) as one forum and then do a miscellaneous forum.
  6. I would say look into adding different sub-forums for different game types. Do Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Football, Wrestling, MMA, Misc.

    I would allow for sub-forum specific discussion and maybe bring more down there.
  7. Gaming section in general
  8. Chise section?
  9. How can we grow the chise section here? Any ideas?
  10. Nice.
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