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    MLB Welcome to OTH

    Hello everyone and welcome to Over Time Heroics. This is a forum to engage in conversation, showcase your work, have great and sometimes extensive conversations on different sports and video games. There are many different aspects to this website, and we are very excited to get started with you! I am now going to do a quick dive into our forum, and how everything will operate.

    This forum from here on we will have a weekly showcase. Every Monday, beginning 3/30/2020, I will create a thread for a specific user and they will be able to post their Twitter handle, Twitch stream, YouTube channel, and anything else that showcases their work. If they do not have any of those, then they can just say "hey"! It will be a random pick at first, but after awhile members who are doing great around the forums will be chosen (never twice).

    Then, each forum going down the site has their own areas for sports. Football, basketball, baseball, etc...each of these will have their own areas. In these areas there will be already threads posted for discussion, and you are always welcomed to post a new thread if you can deem it necessary to post! If it is decided the thread could of been put into an already prior existing then it will be merged, and no feelings will be hurt!

    There is a dynasty section for each sport. In here you can show all of OTH your work in video game form! Love playing The Show franchise? Want to post your work? Post it here and share with everyone! Same goes for all other sport games!

    There is an off-topic area, and a Tanner's section. Specifically in my section that is where you can ask questions regarding the website, and any suggestions/desires. If you have more questions, go there now!

    There is a supporters area at the very bottom. There will be another thread much later about that. It will be a paid users forum only, and there will be swag sent to you. It will be to help the forum grow, but for now there is no need to accept money from users unless they want to donate and become a supporter early! Kind of like early access!
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