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Welcome to the NFL rookie!! During this part of the NFL off season, rookies must go through the proverbial rookie hazing period and it doesnt matter if you were the 1st overall pick or Mr. Irrelavent. You got to think these rookies hate this time because they are coming from college where they were looked at as great and were being revered by their coaches, faculty, classmates, and fans alike. To being drafted and accomplishing their dream and all of a sudden to having their hair look like a 5 year old cut it while being blindfolded.

Talk about humbling.

The fact still remains there are going to be some rookies that are going to take the league by storm. It happens every year; just last year we had Baker Mayfield, Saqoun Barkely, Denzel Ward and Lamar Jackson to going all the way back to the class of 2005 with names like Frank Gore, Shawne Merriman, Marion Barber, and Demarcus Ware all making significant impacts in their very first season. Fact is its going to happen every single year, so thats what led me to writing who I think has the best chances to win the Offensive/Defensive Rookie of the Year. I know there is a lot of rookies so I narrowed it down to my top 4 with 1 dark horse. So lets start with offense first.

  1. D.K. Metcalf – He can definitely win this award because he’s in a situation that should allow him to flourish along with the pairing of Russell Wilson, this just maybe the beginning of a hall of fame career. Look for great things to come this season with Metcalf.
  2. Dwayne Haskins – This really comes down to him being the day 1 starter. Haskins just has the intangibles to suceed in this league. Think about this, Baker Mayfield made it a race last season for this award and he didnt even start until week 4, if Haskins opens the season as the starter not only will he contend for Rookie of the Year but the NFC east QB’s will be atop the pecking order.
  3. Marquise Brown – This guy is ready for todays NFL. His skill set and speed is optimal for a QB that is good at extending plays and has the arm strength to get him the ball when he has to break off the routes. In fact I know there are going to be games where his stat line is going to read as such: 4 Rec, 133 yards, 1 TD and 1 punt return TD as well. Explosive plays are awaiting for Brown.
  4. Kyler Murray – This kids ceiling is going to be elevated every year of his career but with new coach Kliff Kingsbury buying his stock and probably coaching for his tenure in Arizona, I believe he is going to use Murray like none other. I can only imagine what Baker’s stats would have been if he wouldve played the entire season. Well I no longer have to imagine that because Kyler Murray is going to do just that.
  5. Justice Hill – He is my dark horse and here is why. He is the perfect compliment to Mark Ingram, Lamar Jackson and what the Ravens will and should do to continue to build around Jackson. If Hill is able to win the number 2 spot behind Ingram, we should really see a replica of Ingram-Kamara part 2. Which will land Hill at least in the conversation for the award.

Now to the side of the ball where many proclaim, wins championships; defense. 

  1. Rashan Gary – Has the potential to be something special while in Green Bay. I actaully believe that if he doesnt it will be because of him, given the fact that the packers are going to put up points which means he will get the opportunities to ball out. I can definitely see his career being very similar to Clay Matthews or even better but it has to start this year.
  2. Nasir Adderley – Is in a situation where the ball just may fall into his lap. Reason being is Derwin James. After having a fantastic rookie year himself, teams arent going to be eager to go his way, which leaves the other side to Adderley. I believe he can have a stat line very close to what his mentor (James) had last season which landed him as a probowler. If he can match James’ production he can very well walk away with the award.
  3. Devin White – What more can I say about this guy that hasnt already been stated? He is another one that has the “IT” factor. He is going to be partnered up with Lavonte David and with White manning the middle he will very well bring on the comparisons of the all time great Derrick Brooks. This season is just the beginning for Devin White.
  4. Greedy Williams – I didnt think the he was the best CB coming out in the draft this year and its because I believed he needed a lot of work. But the reason he’s on this list is because he is certainly going to get that work. He is going to be going up against O’dell, Jarvis, and Callaway during practice for an entire season. That has to have some impact on him during game days when he goes up against lesser competition. Greedy can also learn from rookie probowler Denzel Ward to help direct him in his first season. I wouldnt be surprised to hear Greedy getting votes for Defensive Rookie of the Year.
  5. Jachai Polite –  He is my defensive dark horse. I must admit my bias here as I have been a fan of his since he was a gator. But Polite can be elite in gang green with the way he gets off the edge, I see a very simliar style to Jadaveon Clowney and with the QB’s in the AFC East I can see this kid leading all rookies in sacks this year. If he does that than he may not be a dark horse but the favorite. 

Thanks for the read and please let me know who guys have as your ROTY candidates. 

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