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NHL 20 Cover Athlete Announced

EA Sports NHL 20

Tonight the NHL 20 cover athlete was revealed! It was quite a surprise!

NHL 20

There were rumors that the NHL 20 cover athlete was going to be Nikita Kucherov or Sidney Crosby, but it ended up being Toronto Maple Leafs center, Auston Matthews.

This was not a surprise to some as it was “leaked” by Walmart about an hour or two earlier.

Features Announced

  • New shot animations (Patrik Laine, Steven Stamkos, PK Subban, and Auston Matthews),
  • New animations and announcers (James Cybulski and Ray Ferraro with 300 hours of recorded phrases),
  • Play of game highlights at the end of the game
  • HUT Squad Battles
  • Eliminator mode (Up to 81 players compete in a Battle Royale type of mode ones and threes included),
  • Ones are now open for local multiplayer
  • Expanded World Of CHEL

Many others, including myself, were very upset to not see Connected Franchise Mode added into the game.

New Features in Franchise Mode

  • A 2K style trade finder will be added
  • A new line chemistry system
  • Hiring/firing coaches (up to eight) from your NHL and AHL teams.

news via: Matt Bertz

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