WWE Wild Card Doomed from the Start

Last month, Vince McMahon announced the new WWE wild card rule! This rule allows four superstars from Raw to show up on Smackdown Live at random every week and vice versa.

From the beginning, this was looking like an absolute nightmare. This wild card rule was an obvious move to transition out of the current brand split WWE is currently under but it wasn’t done smoothly at all. It seems like every week the same guys are showing up on the same shows which is getting not only predictable to the fans but also boring. One thing WWE should aim to be is unpredictable yet, week after week we see Roman Reigns, Lacey Evans, Kofi Kingston, Sami Zayne and Kevin Owens appearing on both shows. This not only kills the audience but kills the talent in the back. Now, instead of one Reigns segment a week, the fans are getting two or more.

The brand split WWE so desperately wants to rid itself of has to come to an end fairly quickly due to pressure from Fox. WWE signed a five year deal with Fox for over one billion dollars, roughly 205 million dollars a year to air Smackdown Live every week. If Fox doesn’t want to have a brand split, WWE will happily deliver their product without the segregation of Raw and Smackdown.

There is a simple solution, at least if you ask me, on how WWE could still fix this. They should completely scrap the wild card rule and assign titles to certain shows. For example, the WWE title would be assigned to Smackdown, meaning the champion would have to defend his title on Smackdown. He would be able to take on any challenger on the WWE roster. This would cause less confusion for fans. It would also allow WWE to maintain the roster fluidity between brands, while having their one headlining guy to lead Raw and Smackdown as the top champion of the show.

This solution would, of course, lead to WWE doing a massive cut to their roster, but why wouldn’t they? So many expensive talents are sitting in catering week after week without being utilized. McMahon might as well save some extra cheddar by cutting all those loose ends. The move to Fox is not supposed to take place until around October. There is still time for WWE to make some changes on the fly, but in my opinion, they have to be quick to make sense and seem organic.

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    Great read and spot on with your assessment on the Wild Card.

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