Kemba Walker. The Celtics are in the running for Kemba Walkers. On Thursday June 27 Espn reports that the Celtics will offer 4 years 141 million dollars. Charlotte can not match that deal. The Celtics after looking like everything is falling apart at the seams because Al Horford wanted out. This was due to the reports of a divided locker room. Also you had the Kyrie Irving drama that went on all season. June 27 all of that went out of the window. Danny Ainge had a plan which was leaked publicly today. According to Max Kellerman of ESPN ” Kyrie Irving’s skills are superior to Kemba Walker’s, but expects Boston will be a better team if they can sign Kemba.”

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant with Kemba Walker being shipped off to Boston where is Kyrie Irving going? Nets or Knicks. The nets would be a better situation for both parties because the Knicks are a Trainwreck. The Nets come into play as the front runners for Kyrie Irving. This would be a good fit. The nets have a lot of young talent that Irving can help bring to the next level.

Kris Middleton and MalcolmBrogdon The Milwaukee bucks want to keep their superstar Giannis Antetokuompo happy. Keeping Kris Middleton and Malcolm Brogdon would definitely help the Milwaukee Bucks to keep their star happy. Also this would give them another shot at reaching the National Basketball Association finals and maybe winning a title for the Milwaukee Bucks. The owner of the Bucks would probably pay the luxury tax if needed to keep this team together.

Kawhi Leonard. Alot of league sources have said that Kawhi Leonard is going to LA to play with the Clippers. This would be an interesting team if they can court Kawhi Leonard and clear enough cap room for another max slot. Then the Clippers could go after Jimmy Butler or Klay Thompson. According  to Repors Adrian Wojnarowski w/ @RamonaShelburne: Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard have been discussing free agent scenarios that could include a future with them playing together. For now, there are two clear possibilities for them to sign into the same franchise: Clippers and Knicks.

Al Horford.                                 The Boston Celtics and coach Brad Stevens created a ruff inside the locker room.  Especially with one of their stars Al Horford. Al Horford was so upset that he did not sign a three year 60 million dollar extension. Horford believes that Gordon Heyword was forced more touches than everybody else.  This was to help his shot mechanics and rhythm.  This was a huge concern due to the fact he was out a whole entire year because of a freak injury.  His shot was way off and he seemed to lack any confidence in his shot. The Philadelphia 76ers and the Sacramento Kings seem to be set in position as the front runners for the 12 year veteran per the score.  

Deangelo Russell.  Most sources have the New Jersey Nets partying ways with DeAngelo Russell.  Russell has  suitors though. 

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