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Throwing Stones…

Ottawa Senators' Owner Eugene Melnyk

Many people are growing sick and tired of the current state of the Ottawa Senators, including … politicians. You read that right. Lisa MacLeod, Minister in the Ontario Provincial Government has expressed her distaste towards Ottawa’s owner, Eugene Melnyk. Let’s learn more about this incident between Melnyk and MacLeod.

The Incident

This past week, The Rolling Stones performed in Barrie, Ontario. Eugene Melnyk, who has a cottage nearby, attended with his family. If Melnyk was hoping for a nice outing with his family, the billionaire owner was about to be disappointed. Melnyk was confronted by local politician Lisa MacLeod. MacLeod is currently serving as the Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Sport for the Government of Ontario. Allegedly, MacLeod called Melnyk a “f** piece of s**” and a “f** loser” amongst other profanities.

After discussions with a variety of individuals, I’ve heard many different opinions. Some suggest MacLeod was intoxicated when making her comments towards Melnyk, others have suggested she was frustrated about something completely different, saw Melnyk and directed her rage towards him. Or it’s possible she was genuinely mad at Melnyk for the directions of the Ottawa Senators. The fact is we do not know for sure why she lashed out at the 60-year-old.

Who is Lisa MacLeod?

Anyone who is not Canadian will most likely not know who MacLeod is, heck, I live in Ontario and I did not even know who she was before this incident. So for those who do not know who she is, I’ll talk a bit about who she is. I will not get into the political analysis, but I will try my best to describe her past incidents because there are a few worth noting.

MacLeod is a Canadian politician who currently serves on the Cabinet for the Government of Ontario, which I have mentioned above. She is known for having a hot-headed personality, easily upset. MacLeod was demoted within the cabinet due to a cabinet shuffle last month. Additionally, many people have expressed their disappointment in the politician and have called for her resignation.


Throughout the day on Friday, July 5th, MacLeod tweeted a few times to publicly apologize for her actions, the first of which included an attempt to excuse her remarks as feedback towards the team.

Melnyk angrily disagreed with this as he claimed she never said anything about the Ottawa Senators and insisted she attacked him personally and directly. MacLeod then decided to correct her apology, and if you ask me, it kind of looked like she was trying to defend her job.

As the summer continues, the Ottawa Senators cannot seem to get away from the media’s attention. Senators fans can only hope this ends without further damage to the reputation of their team.

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