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Detroit Pistons: Pros And Cons OF Trading For Russell Westbrook

The Oklahoma City Thunder have begun to take calls for trading Russell Westbrook. One of the few teams that could pull off a trade for Westbrook would be the Detroit Pistons. In light of this, there are plenty of Pros and Cons if the Pistons were to trade for Westbrook. Let’s take a look at each in detail.


The Detroit Pistons get backcourt help for Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond

The Detroit Pistons need a backcourt mate to pair with Griffin and Drummond. Reggie Jackson has not lived up to the hype that was placed on him when first signed with the Pistons. Westbrook would bring playmaking and would relieve some of the pressure off of Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond.

The Detroit Pistons could become a contender in the Eastern Conference

Adding Westbrook could make the Detroit Pistons contenders. The east is always up for grabs, with the Bucks winning the east last year. The Bucks and Sixers will probably be the favorites, but trading for Westbrook could put the Pistons in the mix as well. The Detroit Pistons made the playoffs last season and lost in the first round to the Bucks. Detroit was the eight seed in the playoffs last year. If the trade happens. I could see them in the four or five seed range for sure.

Westbrook plays hard

You do not ever have to worry about Russell Westbrook not playing hard. He will bring energy every night and his fierce competitor that will back down from nobody.


Westbrook contract

Westbrook has three more years left on his deal for $124 million. Also, Westbrook has a player option for the fourth year, that would cost the Pistons $47 million. That is a lot of money for a player that will be 34 in the fourth year of the contract. In acquiring Westbrook, it would cost the Pistons young assets, and future draft picks as well.

Westbrook’s suspect shooting

The Detroit Pistons struggled with outside shooting last season, they shot .348 percent from three-point land. The percentage does not look that bad, but they ranked 23rd in the league in the three-point department. The NBA is becoming a three-point shooting league. Westbrook shot only 29 percent from three, he likes to take quick pull up threes and jumpers. Those jumpers rarely go in, and if he makes a couple early, he will continue to jack them up.

The Detroit Pistons should definitely look long and hard before trading for Russell Westbrook. Although the Pistons should take their time, it would benefit them to trade for him. It could pump some life in the city of Detriot.

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