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Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokić, Best Duo In The NBA.

NBA’s Best Duo, DENVER, CO – MAY 7

There has been a lot of talk around NBA fans and media about who is the best duo in the NBA. It seems to be a subject that will last through the whole year and beyond. Talk will last well into next year as one of the top duos, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, will not be a pair until KD recovers from his Injury. So who are the top Duos in the NBA? There are many included in these list, just depends on where you look.

and of course that is only a couple tweets but the fact is Social media is full of the duo question. They all have one thing in common, Nikola Jokić and Jamal Murray are a rare site to be found. Unless it is a nuggets site then you not find them in the real conversation. The two of them have the credentials and the chemistry that the other just do not have.

The Dynamic Duo

This year was a total breakout for center Nikola Jokic. He became an all-star for the first time and made the all NBA first team. He compiled 20.1pts, 10.8 Reb, 7.3 Ast a game and had 12 regular season Triple Doubles. But it got even better as he had 4 triple doubles in the playoffs. To say he has turned into one of the elite talents in the NBA is not a stretch, ranked in the top 10 by all NBA rankings. A center with Magic Johnson type vision. A guy that truly makes his TEAM better.

Nikola Jokic One side of the NBA;s best duo

Jamal Murray had a great year and took strides to become the ball handler the nuggets need. remember Murray is not your normal pg, the nuggets handed him that duty when he arrived in the Mile High City. Murray was not a natural at first and his first year was clearly a learning year. Jamal took the challenge and has made improvements that all of the NBA noticed. Last season Jamal averaged 18.2 Pts, 4.8 Ast and 4.2 Reb. Just like his teammate Jokic, Murray came alive in the playoffs and showed all that he can be one of the best at his position.

Now look they are not the worst defenders at their positions but they do lack in that area, it is one they both could improve in. One of the biggest steps as a team was in the defensive area. they had a defensive rating of 108.1 good for fourth in the NBA. Giant step from 2017-18 where they had a rating of 110, good for 14th in the NBA. They made huge strides in that area and both Jokic and Murray had a much better defensive year last season.

Leaders In The NBA

The pair as individuals certainly have the numbers to be great on their own. But it is what they do together that will make them superstars. Here is the thing when these two get into a pick and role there are just so many options. Jokic has the ability to pass, drive to the hole, shoot the mid range. Murray can shoot, drive and dish as well. So what do you do to defend that? and when Jokic rolls out and gets the ball he becomes very hard to defend. if you double him at top he can pass right out, if you single him he has the skill to do what he wants. During the playoffs Murray and Jokic developed the third eye where they just knew where the other was going. The connection was obvious and the league took notice.

The great Tracy McGrady stated when asked about the two Denver stars, “I’ve never seen a combination like those two,” McGrady says. “You have a guy like Jamal, who comes off the pick and shoots the way he does, or passes it to a guy with the skill set of Jokic.” he is not the only one as many took notice of the two and how they jelled. This will be the season where the two stars will become superstars. They will show that they are not only great players but they are the NBA’s BEST duo.

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