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NHL Rumors of the Week

Andrei Markov

In this less serious article, I won’t talk exclusively about my beloved Ottawa Senators, or serious breaking news either. I’m going to analyze some of the chatter that happened this past week. For a change of pace, let’s look at some rumors!

Markov Comeback?

Recently I saw a tweet saying that 40-year-old Andrei Markov would like to make a comeback to the NHL. He played 990 games with the Montreal Canadiens in his career. From the information I’ve been able to gather, he is only open to returning to the Canadiens. Kind of like how Pavel Datsyuk was only open to playing for the Red Wings if he were to make a comeback to the NHL. This rumor was brought to you by this tweet.

New Arena for the Flames?

The same day that James Neal was traded for Milan Lucic, it was announced that the Calgary Flames could finally be getting their new arena. This isn’t as much of a rumor, but I decided to include it in this piece because there was not enough information made public for an article in itself. I am writing this on July 21st, a day before the closed-door meeting that will happen in Calgary for this new supposed arena. What I do know is that tomorrow’s City Council meeting will include more details on this agreement. It is also reported that the City of Calgary will own the arena but the Flames will run it. It will reportedly cost between $500 million to $600 million to build. Via

Rangers to Make Some Moves?

As the New York Rangers signed winger Artemi Panarin, they have reached a cap crunch situation. According to CapFriendly, the Rangers are just under a million dollars over the NHL Salary Cap for next season. This means that Jeff Gorton needs to make a trade or two. A player who has had his name thrown around a lot lately is Chris Kreider. Kreider matched his career-high in goals with 28 while also collecting 29 assists for a total of 52 points in 79 games this past season.

Another player who could be moved is Kevin Shattenkirk and his 6.5 million dollar cap hit. In 73 games this season, Shattenkirk scored two goals and 26 assists for 28 points. The 2018-19 season was a bad year for the offensive-minded defenseman and it would honestly make more sense to trade away Shattenkirk over Kreider. With the Signing of Jacob Trouba, the Rangers can afford to move on from Shattenkirk. Kreider should slot in on the second line as Panarin will obviously be placed in the first line left-wing slot. There isn’t any proof as to the Rangers shopping any of the names I mentioned, it is pure speculation.


This was my take on some NHL rumors, and it’s sure to be a recurring theme from me. Let’s see what happens as the offseason continues.

Jacob Lariviere
Jacob is a full-time college student who is also an Ottawa Senators fanatic. Jacob got his start in sports media with Puck77, a discontinued hockey blog. Jake set to continue writing and made his way to Overtime Heroics. Jake is now a managing editor for the site, while also hosting a podcast, is a contributor for FanSided's SensShot and he is kickstarting his own hockey blog, The Scoreboard.
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