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How Did Day One With Odell Beckham Jr. Go for the Cleveland Browns?

It went well for the Cleveland Browns. It went very, very well…

Cornerback Terrance Mitchell actually does a decent job of staying attached to OBJ in the video above. However, Baker Mayfield puts it up high while Beckham Jr. meets it at the top, brings it in, and touches down the toes for a completion. A scary preview for what the rest of the AFC North might be in for. This offense was already loaded with young talent before bringing Beckham Jr. in from the New York Giants.

“He looked good at times but he’s got a long way to go to”, said rookie head coach Freddie Kitchens in his post-training camp presser. “This is the first day for everybody, but we’re excited to have him out here”.

Fans were split about Beckham Jr.’s commitment to the Cleveland Browns after missing OTA’s. Some thought it was the end of the world. Some looked at it as nothing else but a sneeze. Football fans from Cleveland have been longing for a successful football team for so long that any sign of cracks drives the fanbase wild.

Concerns centered around OBJ and Mayfield not being able to develop early chemistry. That, and there was fear that Beckham might have been second-guessing his decision to come to the Browns.

Well, this hype video that Beckham Jr. posted earlier today before camp may help answer that question. Beckham Jr. clearly hasn’t lost a step since making his way to Cleveland.

Former LSU teammate and best friend Jarvis Landry also dismissed such animosity. “It’s no concern to me, and for the team”, Landry said back in May.

If OBJ continues to make plays like this throughout the rest of the summer, safe to say any anger remaining among Browns fans will be pushed to the side.

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