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Did Trevor Bauer Kill His Trade Value?

Trevor Bauer has a knack for creating media frenzies in Major League Baseball. Yesterday was no different. The Cleveland Indians’ pitcher took a 5-3 lead into the fifth inning before allowing four Kansas City Royals to score, giving KC a 7-5 lead. Bauer then proceeded to do something that manager Terry Francona was less than pleased about.

The Incident

Immediately following a two run single, Bauer launched the baseball at the backstop. After getting another ball to maybe actually pitch with, he sends it 400 feet to center field, over the fence for a playful “home run”.

Unfortunately there was no trotting around the bases for Trevor. Instead, there was an earful of expletives waiting for him from his skipper. After Tito lets him have it, he boldly points toward the dugout, indicating to Bauer that his day was done and that he would be over for some more chatter in a minute. “@Jomboy_” did an excellent job narrating the replay of the incident on his twitter account…

(credit to @Jomboy_ for this hilarious breakdown)

Indians radio play-by-play host Tom Hamilton mentioned on the broadcast that right after the incident, Francona extended an apology towards the Royals dugout, knowing Bauer’s little episode was unacceptable at the big league level.

Bauer also issued a pretty sincere apology in the locker room after the game.

(credit to Indians reporter Mandy Bell for the footage)

It has certainly been a frustrating campaign for Bauer, who possesses a 9-8 record with a 3.79 ERA. Not bad numbers by any stretch, but as a Cy Young hopeful last year, safe to say he has expected a little more from himself.

What Now?

So what does this mean whole thing mean for Trevor Bauer, the Indians, and even the rest of the MLB as the trade deadline approaches?

What Else is New for Bauer?

This meltdown actually doesn’t mean a whole lot for Bauer. Sure, it maybe further adds to the narrative of him being a headcase, but does it really? Is anyone TRULY shocked Bauer showed this level of emotion? Heck, the most shocking thing about this incident is the fact he threw the ball over the center field wall without putting his whole body into it.

The Tribe

Let’s look at his team now, the Cleveland Indians. The rumors of moving Trevor Bauer have been swirling for months in northeast Ohio. The Tribe has closed a once double-digit deficit in the AL Central to just two games, and currently have a three game lead for the top AL Wild Card spot. With a postseason appearance seeming much more likely compared to a month ago, Cleveland has a tougher decision to make. I laid out some potential trade ideas involving Bauer late-last month.

The League

Finally, how might this impact the rest of the MLB? I call on T.J. Zuppe, former writer for “The Athletic” who made a satirical front office conversation on Twitter yesterday around trading Bauer.

(T.J. Zuppe with another top notch tweet here)

Comedy aside, there’s some truth to be seen here. Again, this was not completely unexpected. Unorthodox? Sure. But very fitting of Bauer’s persona. The Indians are continuing to make a playoff push and should be unwilling to sacrifice on a return for Bauer. Unless the return is another legitimate bat to add to a playoff contending roster OR a couple elite-level prospects, GM Mike Chernoff should not even consider moving Trevor.

Mark Feinsand of has also reported that multiple league executives admitted they do not feel this will impact Trevor Bauer’s value.

Oh, as a quick side note, there is a plethora of “Bauer would not survive New York with that kind of attitude”. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the one and only, Brett Gardner!

(credit to “@MLBONFOX” for this comedic edit)

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