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Drew Lock: Hall of Fame Game Review

Thursday night’s Hall of Fame Game was pretty tough to watch (as most Hall of Fame Games are). However, Broncos rookie quarterback Drew Lock was the one component that made it intriguing. Which is why I decided to review his performance.


In college, Lock had a bad habit of fading backward when he felt pressure. So, it was refreshing to see him step up into crowed pockets and be willing to take a hit to make a throw.

Also, his efforts to stay more disciplined with his mechanics were evident. Lock regularly threw off his back foot or made unnecessary off-platform throws during his time at Mizzou. But his throwing motion was relatively clean on Thursday night.

Lock scans the entire field before getting to the correct read in the progression. He also kept the deep safety in the middle of the field by not staring at his intended receiver.

Lock made good decisions for the most part as well. He was thorough about getting through his progressions, looking off lurking defenders, and anticipating open receivers.

The Falcons basically gave him the same look the entire night (cover 1). So, it’s not like he had to decipher a ton of different coverages. Yet, it was encouraging to see him consistently attack the weak parts of the defense.


Inaccuracy was the most detrimental flaw of Lock’s performance. He especially struggled with deep passes. Lock overthrew every open receiver down the field because he wasn’t putting enough touch on the ball.

He also threw a pass behind an open receiver by five yards that hit a defender right in the hands. Lock must be more precise or he will be hard to trust moving forward.

My only other issues with Lock’s outing was he occasionally dropped his eyes to see the pressure. He did not look comfortable operating the quick passing game either.

His comfort level with the quick passing game should grow over time. But he will have to do a better job of keeping his eyes down the field.


Obviously, there is only so much we could learn from Lock in two-quarters of a pre-season game. However, he showed that he has been making a deliberate effort to fix some of the issues that plagued him in college.

Unfortunately, the positives of his performance were overshadowed by his inaccuracy. Nothing else he does really matters if he isn’t accurate. So, Lock must iron out his ball placement in the coming weeks in order to fully progress.

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