The Texas Rangers Trade Deadline

The Texas Rangers’ trade deadline was a pretty quiet deadline. Unfortunately the Rangers are caught in the middle of not quite having a good enough record to warrant buying, but also should not sell in order to attempt to compete in 2020. The Rangers did make a couple of deals, and it should prove to help them in the long term while still remaining competitive.

The Rangers Trades

There were two trades that happened that were of note for the Rangers. The first one was when the trade that sent 33 year old reliever Chris Martin to the Atlanta Braves. This trade was a little notable because the Rangers received a 21 year old first round pick of 2015 in Kolby Allard. The left hander is not going to blow anyone away with a fastball that sits at 88-90 MPH, but he is definitely a control artist hoping to make it in a starting rotation. It is something of a lottery ticket for the Rangers, but they flipped a fringe bullpen piece into that lottery ticket. Allard was once thought of as a top pitching prospect, so it is possible that he lives up to that promise and the Rangers find something here.

The only other trade that the Rangers made was for Nate Jones of the Chicago White Sox. They also received international bonus slot money in the deal that sent two prospects in Ray Castro and Joseph Jarneski to the White Sox. Jones is a reliever that has landed on the IL for the remainder of the season. The Rangers do have club options on him for the next two seasons, so this is more of an eye for being competitive next year rather than this year. The big win here for the Rangers is that they will be picking up $1 million in international money. This should allow them to make a move in the international free agent market.

The Texas Rangers That Stayed

The Texas Rangers had some notable trade chips in Hunter Pence, Nomar Mazara and Danny Santana. Texas Rangers fans also heard rumors swirling about starting pitcher Mike Minor, but he will be staying with the Rangers. There were not many bats to trade hands and the most interesting piece that did not move is Hunter Pence.

Hunter Pence is having a resurgent year. He is currently hitting .299/.350/.573 and has an OPS+ of 130. The veteran outfielder has hit more home runs this year than he has since his 2014 campaign. Ineffectiveness and injuries have kept his numbers down, but at age 36 and having a resurgent year offensively, it’s surprising that he did not find himself in a different uniform.

The Trade Deadline Conclusion

The Texas Rangers did well to secure some assets for the future and flip some of their extra pieces for something that amounts to a couple of lottery tickets. The club has seemingly fallen out of contention and where the deadline fell flat was selling off pieces like Hunter Pence. A team in contention could have used his bat, or even a versatile guy like Danny Santana. It is important to sell high, and the Rangers did that with only one piece in Chris Martin. Even still, the Rangers have set themselves up to compete in 2020 and beyond as we saw flashes of that this year. The Texas Rangers trade deadline may have fallen short of expectations, but it was still a solid direction while exercising patience.

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