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The Colorado Rockies Deadline Reaction

Aside from two minor league deals, the Colorado Rockies decided to stand pat at the trade deadline. Despite finishing July with the worst record in a month in franchise history, there is still talent on this roster. Letting them play out the season may not be the worst thing in the world. 

This is still the same team that had analysts calling them potential World Series contenders. Clearly, that’s not a likely prediction anymore, but there is still meaningful baseball to be played. This is the same team that was among the best teams in baseball for about a month and a half. They were actually leading the National League West over the Los Angeles Dodgers for a short period. 

Despite the horrific month, this was clearly not the time to become full sellers nor buyers at the deadline. “Our expectation was to be a playoff contender and to add like we have in the last two years,” general manager Jeff Bridich said in an interview on deadline day. “Clearly, unfortunately, it became clear to us what our path was gonna be trade wise this year.” He also said in that same interview that he was open to trading pieces. That reportedly may have included outfielder Charlie Blackmon, but nothing materialized. 

All is not lost though. Picking up AAA prospect Joe Harvey, who has some major league experience is a solid get. He could make an impact out of the bullpen in the future. They also acquired high-A outfielder Jimmy Herron from the Chicago Cubs. Perhaps the most significant trade was the one the Rockies didn’t make at all. The Arizona Diamondbacks traded Zack Greinke to the Houston Astros, so finally getting him out of the division is a win for them. 

While it may take a 2007 like comeback to even sniff contention, it may not be too far fetched. It will just take a lot of things to go right. The National League wild card race is tight. The Rockies are 7.5 games back in the race, and there are 9 teams ahead of them. They’re going to have to do a lot of winning to do. While they can’t affect other teams losing, they can change their trajectory and start winning. How? 

Well, consistency is the key. The team has either hit really well and pitched terribly or pitched really well and could not hit. The game on deadline day for the Rockies had them shutting out the Dodgers for eight innings. Then closer, Wade Davis, had another meltdown,giving up five runs in the ninth inning. Great pitching, but only three hits offensively in the first eight innings won’t get the job done. In another game on July 17th, the Rockies offense came through with eight runs, but the pitching gave up 11. This team has the ability offensively to score with any team in the league and pitch, at worst, well enough to compete.

It was a quiet deadline for the Colorado Rockies. Acquiring two prospects could possibly be helpful in the future, but for the 2019 team, likely won’t do much. The Rockies, on paper, have the talent to contend, but after a terrible July, it will take a Frankenstein like rebirth to do so. Given that, why not let the team, as currently constructed, make a final push to make the playoffs.

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