The Houston Texans Running Game Needs a Boost

The Houston Texans found out on Sunday that their running game will most likely need a boost. The team decided to waive 2017 third-rounder D’onta Foreman. This poses a big question about the potency of the running game.

The Houston Texans starting running back Lamar Miller will be the only adequate running back the team has. The former fourth-round draft pick in the 2012 draft has been the main catalyst for the Texans since 2016. Last season he finally started to bust into his prime. He finally made it to his first Pro Bowl in 2018. Miller played 14 games and rushed for 973 yards and averaged 4.6 yards a carry.

Lamar Miller is the work horse of the Houston Texans running game.

For a franchise to rely on one running back is usually a good situation to have. Unfortunately, using a workhorse back comes with a price on the durability of the position. Lamar Miller hasn’t played a fully healthy season since he has been with the Texans. In today’s game a franchise can not go thin at the running back position.

The Houston Texans need to go shopping for a suitable replacement for Foreman.

There are two running backs that come to mind that will compliment Lamar Miller. Both of these backs have been injury-prone lately but are now healthy.

Lately, there have been rumors of the LA Chargers shopping star running back Melvin Gordon. He has been holding out of training camp due to contract disputes. With Gordon not living up to the Chargers expectations, making a trade could be more feasible.

LA Chargers running back Melvin Gordon could be traded to the Houston Texans.
Melvin Gordon wants to be traded if no deal is done.

The more likely candidate could be ex Philadelphia Eagles running back Jay Ajayi . Even though he hasn’t been healthy in the last couple of years he is ready to be on a team. He will be more cost-effective and will complement Miller better than Gordon. Ajayi is a finesse runner with huge bursts of speed, especially around the outside. For a small back, he is hard to take down on the first hit and is an excellent blocker. Defenses always need to defend against the screen because with blockers in first with his jets will be hard to contain.

Former Philadelphia Eagles running back Jay Ajayi good fit for the Houston Texans.
Ex Philadelphia Eagles running back Jay Ajayi wants to contribute the Houston Texans.

Expect a move by the Houston Texans real soon. It would be devastating to have the workload solely on Miller considering he hasn’t been able to stay healthy in years.

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