Duke Johnson Saga over Benefits Browns

If you’ve followed the Browns during the offseason, you know about the Duke Johnson saga. Dorsey’s chance to snag Kareem Hunt (we all know why by now) on the cheap started the rumblings of Johnson’s unhappiness and it grew louder when Dorsey inexplicably answered with “not yet” when asked if Duke was on the trading block. The Duke Johnson trade ends all the drama and benefits the Browns in a few ways.

First, the Browns get rid of someone who doesn’t want to be there anymore. Duke clearly stated his stance before the start of training camp then reiterated it the first day. We all know that didn’t sit well with Baker Mayfield based on how he called him out in his presser.

“You’re either on this train or you’re not,” Mayfield said, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer

The Browns needed to make a move before this became an even bigger issue as the season wore on. This team is still building chemistry, so any distraction to that must get shipped out. Grabbing a fourth-rounder from the Texans along the way makes it easier.

Second, Nick Chubb will have the chance to prove he is a three-down back. After displaying soft hands out of the backfield with 20 catches and two touchdowns once he became the starter. With Chubb’s explosive playmaking this can only benefit the Browns in 2019.

We also may get to see more of this:

Last but not least, this paves the way for Karem Hunt’s return in week nine. Dontrell Hilliard can help Chubb, along with anyone they sign, until then. The Browns will be able to pair up two of the best in the league in Chubb and Hunt without a Duke Johnson sized elephant in the room. The Browns trading of Duke Johnson today benefited both the Browns and the Texans.

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