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Premier League Week 1 Matchup Preview

Friday, August 9, 2019, today, the 2019-2020 English Premier League Season kicks off. Every year, there is a 10 month span. From August to May, some of the most famous teams in the world play for the most revered trophy in soccer and sports history.

Every year there is a twist and turn. Despite possibly entering a season with a poor squad, there is always hope that you can survive. Every season, three teams are relegated and there is a fight to save themselves from dropping to a lower division. As three go down, three new teams from that same lower division come to the Premier League every year. At the same time, there is one team that is crowned Champion of England and winner of one of the most competitive leagues out there.

Today and this weekend, ten matchups will open a new chapter in the 20 teams’ and the League’s history.

Liverpool vs. Norwich

August 9th 3:00pm ET– So close. Last year, Liverpool came within one point of winning the Premier League. With that, they are out for revenge. Every little game counts. Playing against a newly promoted side in Norwich, J├╝rgen Klopp and his men look for an easy way to open the season. On the other hand, Norwich will want to prove what they can do against such a strong team in the Premier League.

West Ham vs. Manchester City

August 10th 7:30am ET– The opening match of the season for the back to back reigning champions will take place in London against West Ham. Manchester City have taken this league twice in the past two seasons and hope to conquer once again. A long time premier league team, West Ham, is trying to finally win, especially against the top teams, and make a name for themselves.

Bournemouth vs. Sheffield United

August 10th 10:00am ET– Bournemouth never played in the Premier League until four years ago and have kept themselves stable. Bournemouth has always been such a young team and will do anything to keep themselves at the Premier League level. Conversely, Sheffield United is looking to not get relegated after JUST being promoted. It is always interesting how new teams plan to survive.

Burnley vs. Southampton

August 10th 10:00am ET– Both lackluster and suffering teams that barely escaped relegation last year face off for a chance to get off to a good start to the Premier League season. Sean Dyche as manager had a rough time proving his worth last season, he needs this season to go well for him to stay on. Southampton dug themselves out of a relegation hole last year. With an almost perfect preseason, Southampton will try their best to prove their worth.

Crystal Palace vs. Everton

August 10th 10:00am ET– Both are wonderful sides that make this matchup very intriguing. Everton has been in the top ten of the Premier League and is used to clashing with the giants of the League. They are the favorite in this match, but Palace may have something to say. Still with a reportedly unhappy Wilfried Zaha (arguably best player on their team), Palace will try to have a first game that proves they are ready for anything that comes their way this season.

Watford vs. Brighton

August 10th 10:00am ET– Brighton and their new manager will try to rebuild after being one spot from relegation last season. Brighton will want to stop this from happening again. On the other hand, Watford had a 11th place finish last season and reached the FA Cup Final. This is a particularly positive point for a team finding its feet in the Premier League.

Tottenham vs. Aston Villa

August 10th 12:30pm ET– A fourth place team from last season, Tottenham, will be attempting to repeat and maybe get a bit closer. Last year, they were still far from the Second and First place teams, but they need to win games like this to get there. In contrast, Aston Villa, a newly promoted Premier League squad, will want confidence entering this season. A goal or two against Tottenham may gift Villa that.

Leicester vs. Wolverhampton

August 11th 9:00am ET– Last year, an amazing season for Wolverhampton occurred. This newly promoted team from a year ago reached seventh place and qualified for European competition. It is clearly a top tier team and is only in its second year in the Premier League. Standing in their way from getting a winning season started, Leicester is hoping to move forward. With a new boss and new acquisitions, Leicester wants to do more than a mid-table finish. However, a first win of the season can hopefully improve that.

Newcastle vs. Arsenal

August 11th 9:00am ET– Arsenal, a team who has made many acquisitions this summer, will want to reach the top four. After hitting fifth last year, Arsenal will want a good start to make a point that this season will be different. At the same time, Newcastle is coming to grips with their new manager and will want to prevent a home loss on the first day of the season. Pulling off a win or even a draw here, Newcastle would definitely be pleased.

Manchester United vs. Chelsea

August 11th 11:30am ET–Arguably the most exciting match of the weekend, Man United against Chelsea will be the one to watch. Both star studded squads have everything to fight for. Failing to revert to past glory, Man United will want to stop Chelsea and prove they have what it takes this season. A third place team from last season, Chelsea, will be looking to compete and squeeze into a title race. Both teams have new star acquisitions and this game is the must-watch for this weekend.


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