Wrestling Retrospective!!! A Walk Down Memory Lane With: Dr. Tom Pritchard

Take a stroll back down memory lane with one of the greats and top trainers in the wrestling business Dr. Tom Prichard. Recently on The Rad Turtles Wrestling Podcast “Rad Rob” Rob Francois had the pleasure of having a conversation with the legendary Dr. Tom Prichard! Dr. Tom had a very good wrestling career and had the honor of being trained by greats like The Iron Sheik and Paul Bosch amongst others. Tom also worked for several legendary promoters such as Bosch, Don Owens, Mike and Gene Labell, Fritz Von Erich, Jim Cornette and Vince McMahon! Tom also trained some of the biggest names in the history of professional wrestling! Names like The Rock, Kurt Angle, Mark Henry and the Bella Twins! To check out the full interview please see the links below for all Itunes and Non iTunes users. Here are some highlights from their conversation:

Question (Host) : “Did you enjoy your run in the WWF, when you were with the Body Donnas?”

Answer (Dr Tom) : “No, not the Donnas. I hated the Body Donnas.”

Host : “I thought you’d actually enjoy cutting your hair off and dying it blonde?”

Tom : “Why not? That’d be great. I bet I’d look great as a crew cut blonde. That’s it. Yeah. Well that’s a hell of gimmick. Yeah. We should put you in charge. How about that? Oh, I think they did. Hey, how about this? How about this? What if we take the hottest chick in the whole deal away from you guys. I mean, you know what? We’re going to give you a new manager. Hey, get this, how about a transvestite. Hey, it’ll be a guy dressed up as a girl and guess what we’re going to call her? Oh, this is the great part. Guess what? We’ll name her Cloudy? How clever is that? Oh my God. I just sat there and Chris (Candido) Actually said, “I think it’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.” I didn’t say a word. I just sat there and took it like, oh my God, I just want to go home. I just want to go, you know, it was terrible. But that was a bad time for a lot of people, I think.
Host : “How was it to work with Chris (Candido)? I mean you want to talk about an underrated wrestler.”

Tom : “Chris was fantastic. I love Chris. He had talent and he had passion. He had love for the business too. And that, that was solely being lost art back then too. Cause Chris was a master and Chris could do anything. So yeah, I loved working with Chris. I didn’t like working in the gimmick at all. And you know Tammy (Sytch) was Tammy back then then. I mean, it was in full swing man. It’s like, what, what now what next? Yeah.”

Host : “Do you think she (Tammy Sytch) hampered his career just based on the way she treated him?”

Tom : “Well, yeah, but looking back, we do it to ourselves. I mean, she, she might have, um, been the catalyst, but if it wasn’t her, wouldn’t have been her, it would have been somebody else I think. But I mean it’s where the cards were dealt and you’ve got to look at it that way. Well, whose fault really is it? Cause both did it. And uh, yeah, I dunno man. But Chris was definitely real. Dedication, just from the gym to the ring. And, and you know, it takes somebody who can run a show, and I think he was 15, running a show in Jersey shore with Bam Bam (Bigelow). 15 years old, man. I mean, that takes, that takes a lot of drive. He had the drive. He really did. But it happens to a lot of us. We get those roadblocks and yeah, And then you bring it to work with you. It’s like, oh my God, it’s like that cloud over you wherever you go.”

Question (Host) : “We found out that you were opening up a wrestling school with Glenn Jacobs or Mayor Jacobs, formerly Kane from the WWE. How did that come about?”

Answer (Dr Tom) : “You know, that was just us talking, why there couldn’t be a wrestling school in Knoxville.? And the reason there couldn’t, is the market is just east Tennessee “rasslin” and what we would get would be the east Tennessee “rasslin” crowd. And we said, well, no disrespect meant, but I think even those guys would consider when we classify and clarify and define east Tennessee “rasslin”, some people may not have had that taste or experienced it really. I’d been through that before. And you know, I hate to keep going along, man, but I gotta tell you, I did a wrestling school before, here, and we got the guys who weren’t really interested in learning how to wrestle and kind of use the open ring time, I guess to kind of play.
But that’s not okay. That’s one way to learn, but it ain’t THE way to learn. Anyway, so we decided we’re gonna open up a wrestling school here in Knoxville, and over time we thought about and thought about it and thought about it. And finally we did it. And we’ve been here since January. Started out with six students. We ended up with 4 people, then we had our second class. We had 12 people and just graduated them. And this past Monday, August 5th I just started the third session with 11 people. And if you want any information about our academy, our school, you can go to JPwrestlingacademy.com and take a look at our fantasy camp that we had a couple of weeks ago as well. People came out to that. I think 12 people came out to that one. Eight people. There supposed to be 12. We had eight people show up though. Good for us, as this third session goes 12 weeks and I have 11 people. So if everybody or anyone is interested in learning wrestling, come down for a 12 week course in Knoxville, Tennessee. We have 11 people.

For more information about Dr. Tom, check out his Facebook page www.facebook.com/tom.prichard.18
Or the School’s Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/jpwrestlingacademy

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