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Daniel Jones heats up the QB competition in New York

Can Daniel Jones win the QB spot this season?

At this moment it is hard to say but we do know Daniel Jones is giving veteran Eli Manning more then he can handle. His preseason debut was nearly perfect. We shouldn’t start crowning him the starter yet, this is only the first week of the preseason.

Does Daniel Jones make a compelling case to make this an interesting competition?

Of course he does. Granted this was only the first drive he has gone through in a pro setting. He went 5 for 5 with 67 yards and a touchdown. The drive ended with a 12-yard pass to wide receiver Bennie Fowler in the corner of the end zone. His passer rating was a 156.4. Can’t really do much better, but he has to continue this progress throughout the preseason.

Daniel Jones showed great poise in the pocket and great awareness all around him. He kept his vision and line of sight intact. The passes were never rushed. The precision of the passes was perfect. He was able to put the ball where only his receivers could get it.

What can be taken away from Jones’ brilliant performance?

Daniel Jones playing with the New York Giants.

First off this is just preseason. When Jones was blowing everyone minds, the New York Jets already had their second-string defense in. The two cornerbacks on his impressive drive were undrafted free agents. The pass rush was nearly nonexistent and the linebackers gave up the whole middle of the field.

Let’s not get carried away because of a preseason game. It is very exciting to see competition at the quarterback position. Eli Manning has not had adequate competition making it easier to keep the starting job. The future does look bright for the New York Giants because they might have already found their new starting QB for years to come.

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